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How to check a dealer price
Edmunds Price Checker rates the dealer price quote for a specific car you’re about to purchase.
  • Style: You must select a Make, Model and Year before we can populate the Style dropdown. Select the version of your next car that has the features you need.If you’re not sure, visit our 2021 Honda Fit features & specs comparison page.
  • Dealer price quote: Enter the price that a local dealer has quoted you for a specific vehicle including installed optional equipment, but excluding taxes and fees. Make sure the vehicle is both the Style you want, and has the installed optional equipment you want.
  • MSRP from quote: This is the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price for the same vehicle as your dealer price quote. Enter the MSRP price including installed optional equipment, but excluding taxes and fees. If you have the VIN number for the vehicle, you can use our instead, and we’ll populate the MSRP for you.
  • Rate this dealer offer: Hit this button and our chart will populate with the range of prices that shoppers in your area have been paying for the same Style.
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When you speak with dealers
  • Ask the dealer for their best price
  • Confirm that the vehicle being quoted has the features and options you want
  • Get it in writing. Ask the dealer to email you their best price. Most dealers won’t email it unless you ask.
  • Ask for the MSRP and too so you can enter it into this tool and determine if your quote is a good deal.