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Nothing Even Comes CLOSE!!!

Michealangelo Harris, 01/19/2016
Carrera S 2dr Coupe (3.8L 6cyl 6M)
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This is purely an ALL OUT STREET RACE car, and yet excellent to travel in. Drove it from Dallas, TX to SUPERIOR TWP, MI, then from SUPERIOR TWP, MI to CHANDLER, Arizona, then back to SUPERIOR TWP, MI. But know, it is not intended for parking and taking short naps in. Oh, and the gas mileage is great, when you set the cruise. Now, I use it in PCA's auto-cross. Talking about the best of both worlds, WOW. SO glad I chose this model. This is my 14th PORSCHE, I also have a 87' 911 cabrio. It's going on four years now since I purchased this car. There have been absolutely (NO) issues with it, major or minor. I did the 80k and the 100k services on it in December of 2014, and since then I have had the brake fluid changed at Porsche where I live and a wheel alignment done after installing new front & rear tires. Since I'm a retired aviation mechanic, I installed a third center radiator, and the front bumper vent screen kit to keep heavy debris out of the left and right radiators. Then I installed a 2.5 quart deep oil sump to help with the lubrication here in HOT, Arizona! As for running auto X here in HOT Arizona, I can tell you that these two things are needed, to help keep the temps down in the water cooling department as well as the engine oil lubrication department. Other than that, I'm just enjoying it!!! It is Aug 2018 now and I am in the process of replacing the Optima yellow top that's 7 years and 2 months old with a new Optima Blue top marine style battery. The heat here in Arizona continues to eat batteries of any type or sort alive! Also, if you have more than one car in your garage then it is absolutely imperative that you drive all of them as often as you can! Just leaving them on a digital battery maintainer is NOT enough. I also have 3 motorcycles, and recently had a BMW s1000RR cafe bike and a Harley Davidson 1200 Sportster that I got rid of because I didn't ride them enough, but I kept the Harley Davidson soft tail, of which the battery is also going slowly dead because of the heat here in the desert state. The heat just killed the batteries on the other 2 bikes, how much more the Porsche's. What I'm saying is, the 2008 997S is yet still an excellent deal when looking to purchase a used Porsche. My car has no leaks and no problems other than the battery issue which is normal for the number of years since the date on the battery was purchased, June 2011. I highly recommend a Cabrio 997s. As of this writing, it is Feb. 2020, and I put about 250 miles a month on the car now. The total mileage on my Porsche is some where around 106,800, and I had to replace the two coolant line inserts above the left and right front control arms, bleed the system. Since that time, I have had no other issues with this marvelous vehicle. I highly recommend this model, if not the cabrio 997s! Either one of these models would be more than enough for driving here in the U.S.! Being that they are really made for High Speed long distance cruising on the German Autobahn. So, if you are in the market for a Porsche 997 with low mileage, then, go for the gusto! You will NOT be disappointed!

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Lives Up To The Dream Of A 10-year-old

str8line, 07/17/2008
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As a youth my father and I never missed stopping at the Porsche dealer while driving by. I had a love affair with the guards red 911 that seemed to always be on the showroom floor. When in 1979 my dad finally purchased a 911 (930 model)Turbo I reveled in its incredible rocket ship abilities. He sold it when I was 13, but the 3 years he had it made the Porsche 911 my dream car. As a self-made and relatively poor young man I was all but resigned to the fact that a 911 in anything other than a used and older variant just would not be in the cards for me. Skip to Feb. 2008 and I have the good fortune of being shocked every time I enter my garage by the sight of a black 2008 911 Carrera S!

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911 Turbo fills the Bill

Max Revs, 04/16/2008
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The 997 Turbo Coupe is another leap forward for Porsche. This new model has enthusiastic power across a wide power band, incredible acceleration, and superb handling. While it would be at home on any racing circuit, it also is easy to drive around town and in traffic. It is unusual to find a car that performs so well in a straight line, in the twisties, and can still serve as a daily driver if desired. When the turbos kick in the car will really set you back in the seat.

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Carrera 2s

mark fisher, 01/19/2008
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My seventh 911, and each successive model gets better and better. The car is now totally updated for the 21st century with huge improvements in handling, comfort, and performance. Have owned many premium automobiles (MB, BMW, Jaguar, Lexus, Corvette) and for my money, the 911S is simply the best car in the world.

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Best one Yet

Porsche is the best, 11/16/2009
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In April I decided to trade in my 2000 Carrera Cabriolet and upgrade to the Carrera 4S. While this is my 7th Porsche since 1978, it has by far the most improvement in any I have had. Obviously the AWD is a luxury along with the turbo wheels and tires and I have yet to hear a peep out of the tires regardless of how hard I push the car. The leather interior upgrade is well worth the price.

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