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Unreliable Junk

lainebot, 02/26/2013
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I received this car for free or else I would have never bought it. Used for about 7 months - did ok. Driving through the mountains it sounded like it was dying but it got me where I needed to be. Gas mileage OK, not great. I had it sit for about a year and it got filled with water - something was leaking had to tear out the trunk material. Next year the alternator broke, battery replaced, starter replaced, serpentine belt broke, brakes replaced, and finally the tranny is going at 223000 km. Would never buy a pontiac again.

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Great Car

Sunbird Lover, 12/21/2002
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I have had my Sunbird since 1995. Only 78,000 miles on it. Rusting out inside the doors and dash is staring to separate from frame (possibly from heat exposure). No major problems, just general maintenance with age, hoses, belts, etc. Did replace raditor but that was due to a rock. Had one problem under warranty with power window motor.

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Glad I Bought It.

Sunbirder, 09/28/2003
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Bought this car new in 94. Has been a great little car in spite of Consumer Reports poor rating of it. Only real problem with 76,000 miles on it is an unreliable tachometer. Have heard of trans problems with 3.1 V6 engine and have actually experienced problems with my other car that has 3.1 V6 automatic. For a brief spell, wouldn't down shift from drive when exiting the freeway or quick stops for heavy traffic. Would actually die and had trouble getting it to stay running when shifting back into would die. Starting out in first gear got it going again. I've heard it's an easy fix.

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I love my Sunbird

collegecommutr, 01/29/2005
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This car was my first, so that I could commute to college. I bought it in 2003 with 77,000 miles on it, and it still runs great. I like how roomy the driver's seat is, because I am a tall woman, and I sometimes feel cramped in small cars. It has never not started up for me, even in the below 0 Illinois winters. Very reliable car. The engine runs a little rough, but every mechanic that has looked at it says that it's in good condition. I had to have a valve job done on it, but that's to be expected with age. I would probably keep driving it for a a few more years, if I hadn't been rear-ended, smashing in the trunk. Insurance called it a total. I was kept safe, though, so that's a plus.

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A Bad Idea

Hudson83, 02/24/2005
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I drove my Sunbird for over 3 years and kept hoping that I would eventually stop having to fix stuff. My air conditioning and heating went out immediately, had problems with brakes, a melted piston, and have had 2 blown head gaskets. In addition, their has been an increasing amount of rust around my doors. I only have 102,000 miles on it and it is now completely useless in my driveway, despite my constant attempts to keep it as maintained as possible. I wouldn't advise purchasing a Sunbird to anyone.

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Driving History

Alecia Hynson, 03/17/2008
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Purchased the car with 11,000 miles on it. One person driver in the 14 years I have owned the car. One wreck hit from the back by a van. The car was not totaled. Repaired very little damage for the size of the car compared to the size of the van that hit the care. Hit from the side not very hard damaged the door. Repair service could not find a door but did some repair. The total miles 130,000.I love the car and would drive it until it fell apart. Has excellent hear and air. Drives wonderful in bad weather.

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