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10 years and running well

Minivan Mom, 06/14/2008
SE 3dr Minivan
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I have driven this car for 10 years-shuttling kids to games, stuffing it with people and gear for long distance trips, and doing the local errands. I'm about to downsize (no more kids at home!) and am surprised that smaller cars do not offer the level of comfort of the minivan. This car has a smooth ride, great seating and vision. Good vehicle for teaching teens to drive. There are tons of places to store stuff. No reliability issues other than usual wear and tear.

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Sorry your van almost burned to a crisp

Chicago Writer, 10/05/2010
SE 3dr Minivan
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Good soldier of a car, keeps running with basic maintenance and some backyard fixing from time to time. BUT, recently the fuel rail started leaking raw gasoline, which filled the little moat around the valve cover, which promptly started on fire burning like a 3.3 liter tiki torch. One fire extinguisher (thanks, Burger King) and $600 in fuel rail and melted wire repair later, Chrysler says "Oh well, sorry. Can't help you." But wait-the fuel rail leaking was a known recall! Tough darts, you should have fixed it before now. Oh well.

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Piece of Junk

ebara, 01/05/2014
SE 3dr Minivan
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Has anyone else on here had transmission problems with...yet another...Chrysler product? Every Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, or Jeep between 1989 and 2000 that we know of has needed one. Needless to say, this van is pure JUNK. Bought it brand new for my family. Nothing but issues. An engine($2400), transmission $1800), 4 air conditioning compressors $1200 each), and thousands of dollars of mechanical repairs later, we still sold it half-dead at 138,000K with no air, and it backfired on the highway. Maintenance always done at dealer. Buy that extended warranty on'll need it. If you want to stay away from engine and transmission repairs, stay away from Chrysler. Invest in a Toyota!

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This thing is a tank!

K Clark, 09/22/2008
SE 3dr Minivan
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This van has been through 4 accidents and is still going strong! We got this van with 157,000 miles on it and is has been one of the best vehicles we have ever owned. It has been three teens first car (to their dismay!) so that show its tuff, plus it being a van, has cheap insurance premiums. It has adequate power and believe it or not, it can be kind of fun to drive! Take the two back seats out and we've used it as a truck!

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Generally good with flaws

tsugem64, 01/25/2009
SE 3dr Minivan
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Generally a good vehicle but with some quality problems. Interior is spacious but plastic items such as glove box is flimsy and prone to breaking. "Phantom wiper" problem occurs occasionally even though control box was replaced with new one. Parts are expensive also. Engine has good power and passing on hills is no problem. Spark plugs in the back are a real pain to get to. Overall workmanship is not on par with Japanese minivans, sorry to say.

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