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98 Oldsmobile Silouette

cyberbro, 04/17/2002
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I was not disappoint in purchasing this used vehicle with just 22000 miles on it. At lease that is what I was told. So far the only problem that I have is the brakes sometimes squeak when coming to a stop.

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LOVE this van!

daja, 06/30/2008
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We purchased this van with 35k miles on it 8 years ago, and have since put 120k miles on it. Many trips have been made from Tennessee to Missouri over the years & we have had nothing but comfortable trips! We love the lumbar supports in both front seats for those long drives. Only one side door is power, but that hasn't been a problem. The kids just get in on the "power" side, & they're big enough now to open/close the manual side! I just love this van!!!

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Clearly the worst van on the market

la, 01/04/2010
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Ok - I love this van only because of senimentality. Thw big problem is the engine. What ever you do -do not get the oxygen sensor replaced!! I have done this twice and both times it led to engine trouble. first time 3 years ago it resulted in needing the head gaskets replaced. Then last week it was running fine except the service engine soon light had been on for a while, so i took it in and they replaced the same oxygen sensor. This time it resulted in needing a new engine. All mechanics will tell you the two are not related. hoever a friend had the same problem with her olds silhoutte last fall. Stay away from these vans if you can.Also lots of small things that go wrong with them.

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the good, bad, and ugly

gg in AL, 01/30/2010
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We bought the van and loved it until the camshaft broke @142k. Replaced with a used 2004 engine. Now at 155k many things are broke or not working; both reading lights are broken; power door doesn't close but pops back open 50% of the time in cold weather; check engine light has been on for a year; low coolant light flashes on/off but coolant is ok; driver's window stops 1/2 of the way up and must be manually adjusted to close; outside temp sensor is off by 20 degrees; headlights cloudy and full of water; I have recharged the A/C 6 times; GM has increased parts prices by 300% since bankrupt. When the next expensive repair comes along I will junk the van and buy a Toyota or Honda.

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tulamusa64, 07/16/2002
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This is a fun van to drive. The gas mileage is exceptional for its size. Lots of room!

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