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Used 2011 Nissan Juke Consumer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
117 reviews

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5 out of 5 stars

We bought this new

Keith Kramis, 04/02/2016
updated 10/02/2018
2011 Nissan Juke S 4dr Hatchback (1.6L 4cyl Turbo CVT)
26 of 27 people found this review helpful

We bought this new, first year model and it has been a great an safe vehicle. I hate to admit it but other drivers look right past me as I driver down the road, as if I were invisible. Others have ran into me three times: right side, left side and rear end. All no fault but the point is that I was never injured because the vehicle is safe to drive. Very responsive. Too much road noise is my only real complaint. I current have 47,000 miles and going strong with on regular maintenance.

5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
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5 out of 5 stars

My favorite car ever!

prideinlife, 03/26/2012
2011 Nissan Juke SL 4dr Hatchback AWD (1.6L 4cyl Turbo CVT)
29 of 31 people found this review helpful

I've had my 2011 Juke SL for a little while now and it's without a doubt my favorite car I've ever owned! I can't agree with all of the reviews saying the gas mileage is bad; I drive city and highway and my average is about 27 MPG. That's pretty good considering I use regular unleaded, like to hit the gas and zoom and don't drive to intentionally raise my MPG. This car is pure fun to drive! Zippy, comfortable on the inside (even with a bulky toddler seat in the back), loaded with features (mine came with the color changing lights inside) and super attractive. I have people stop me and ask me about it all of the time. :) Don't think I'll be trading this one in any time soon!

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4.88 out of 5 stars

nothing make

mikgyver, 08/07/2011
2011 Nissan Juke SV 4dr Hatchback (1.6L 4cyl Turbo 6M)
19 of 20 people found this review helpful

I've owned 5 Jeeps. I like the outdoors. But I've also owned a Mustang GT covertible, Camaro and Celica GT convertible. I like sporty intentions. But most recently, I owned a Vibe for it's thrifty gas mileage and unimaginable practicality. Some how, in a mash up of odds and angles and curves, all those vehicles were combined into one ... and it works! Slide behind the wheel, and it feels sporty. Suddenly, you start noticing the cues all over. Put it in motion, and it feels the perfect height. Rally cross comes to mind. Like you can carve up a twisty mountain road until the pavement ends, and not even slow down as you dig into a good two-track. And I don't have to feel gas-guilty.

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4 out of 5 stars

Good Bionic frog 2011

noshoesinhouse, 05/06/2014
2011 Nissan Juke S 4dr Hatchback AWD (1.6L 4cyl Turbo CVT)
25 of 27 people found this review helpful

bought mine new in 4/2011 and truth is i thank god haven't had any problems. I'm sorry to hear about the people who are having problems with the chain. i just got called last week from the dealer to take it in to have the chain replace which after reading the reviews i will do ASAP. i do however hate that it goes thru gas like crazy i'm looking into buying a more gas efficient car but to be honest there is nothing out there that i like or that would make me trade my Bionic frog.

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4.75 out of 5 stars

Love this car.

bustersdad, 03/22/2011
2011 Nissan Juke SL 4dr Hatchback AWD (1.6L 4cyl Turbo CVT)
24 of 26 people found this review helpful

Picked this car up last night and finally got to take it for the rounds this afternoon. I switched to the sport mode to get on the parkway and wow. So far so good. Not a luxury ride but very decent and great features for the price (bluetooth, navigation, USB port, leather, AWD, heated front seats, moon roof, etc.). Can't wait to take it out tomorrow. We're expecting snow and would like to test the AWD.

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