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5 out of 5 stars

Just bought, but excellent bang for your buck

Michael, 06/08/2022
2022 Nissan Sentra SV 4dr Sedan (2.0L 4cyl CVT)
Just purchased with 7 miles on it and now have 26 miles on it. First, the bad. I’m assuming there are a lot of different ways to option. I was looking at a versa that has remote start but my Sentra doesn’t. Both were SV models. I don’t really mind too much about remote start but would be nice to have. I don’t like the parking brake being the foot brake kind. Wish it either had the hand … brake or better yet had electronic brake with brake hold which we have on our Elantra and use it all the time. Also the driver seat should go back a bit more. I’m 6’1 and 210 pounds and fit fine but can’t stretch my left leg out unless it’s in between the parking brake and the brake pedal. It’s still comfortable but if I could move the seat back another inch it would be perfect to put on the foot well. Not a deal breaker or I wouldn’t have purchased it. No lane keep assist which is nice to have on the Elantra and the Sentra has lane departure warning so not sure why they couldn’t have added lane keep assist. The infotainment screen is great but I wish it were more angled toward the driver like in my Elantra rather than just straight on toward the back seat. It seems like I’m complaining but it’s more nitpicking for a car that’s $22k before taxes/fees/etc. Now the good. I love the drive. It’s smooth as silk. I know it’s a brand new car but it drives, in my opinion, better than my Elantra SEL that’s also a 2022 with 5k miles. The transmission and engine feel great and I feel connected to the road more so than my Elantra. I like the infotainment. It’s responsive with each button press and Apple CarPlay is instant when you press the button. It’s a little delayed in my Elantra but the Elantra has wireless CarPlay so there’s a bit of a delay and I’m assuming using the usb-c to lighting adapter is faster than usb-a but it’s extremely quick. The satellite presets are quick too and I love the replay feature that records 12 channels at once, two more than my Elantra. The armrest is nicely padded and extremely deep. The versa I was looking at had a laughable arm rest and the storage was almost non existent. I know it’s different price points but I will definitely say it’s worth the extra $2k to get the Sentra over the versa and the arm rest is one of the many reasons to do so. I really like the a/c vents and at max ac and max fan speed it’s extremely powerful. Probably the most powerful fans I’ve ever felt and they’re super powerful if you close the vents on the passenger side if you’re driving alone even at a lower fan speed setting. The trunk is nicely sized and the mouth of the trunk going into the cabin is gigantic compared to the Elantra. You can fit big items in that area with zero resistance. It’s a compact car but doesn’t feel that way. I’m sure through the years car dealers have been stretching the compact segment more and more so where it could have been considered a full size maybe 20 years ago. I remember riding in like a ‘99 Sentra and it was super tiny in comparison. My favorite things are the safety technology and the instrument cluster. I like how the tach and speedometer and analog and there’s a big digital cluster with a variety of info that you can see while driving, from the digital speedometer to the real time mpg. It’s really great. Our Elantra has the all digital cluster so Elantra wins there, but the Sentra is no slouch. I really like the variety of the various customization of the cluster. The adaptive cruise control is amazing. Have it on the Elantra and one reason I chose the Sentra over the versa. The 2k difference was worth it for that alone but I like the blind spot monitor on the inside instead of on the mirror. The backup camera could be better quality but honestly it does the job. As stated previously I wish it had lane tracing but not a big deal it doesn’t. I know I only had the car for a couple of hours and put 20 miles on it but don’t sleep on it. I never owned a Nissan and frankly was scared to but I was okay with getting it since it has a long warranty and I take care of my cars with maintenance. I usually go with Hyundai but they never got back to me so I put an inquiry into Nissan and within 5 minutes had an appointment an hour from the phone call and with 3 hours of the appointment papers we’re signed after I took the versa, kicks and Sentra on 10 mile test drives. The technology and safety features are great and really worth considering purchasing new. I probably wouldn’t buy a used anything these days but if you can get a new one at a decent price then go for it. I look forward to ownership for the next few years.
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