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New Toyota Sienna for Sale in Crofton, MD

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    Stock photo © EVOX Images **
    Celestial Silver Metallic Color: Celestial Silver Metallic Celestial Silver Metallic
    4cyl Automatic
    Koons Westminster Toyota (42 mi away)
    • Back-up camera
    • Bluetooth
    • Heated seats
    • Navigation
    • Sunroof/Moonroof
    • +more

    Located in Westminster, MD / 42 miles away from Crofton, MD

    All prices exclude tax, tags, title, registration, electronic filing fee and processing fee of $500.

    Features and Specs:

    36 Combined MPG (36 City/36 Highway)

    Listing Information:

    VIN: 5TDXRKEC8PS10A720
    Stock: 00T30527
    Listed since: 02-04-2023

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Consumer Reviews for the Toyota Sienna

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It's pretty ok (17,000 mile update)
Chris's family van,08/05/2021
2021 Toyota Sienna Limited 7-Passenger 4dr Minivan AWD (2.5L 4cyl gas/electric hybrid CVT)
We have a 2021 Limited AWD Sienna and we traded in a 2011 Honda Odyssey Elite which I really loved. Unfortunately, at only 175,000, it needed a new motor and it left us stranded on the side of the road three times. With a family to think about, it was not worth keeping it any longer. So now with the Sienna, we have driven just under 4,200 miles and I think I can give a fair review as of … now. First, it is NOT worth the $51,XXX price tag for a Limited model! This is a 45k vehicle at most. Heated and cooled seats are nice but it's lacking a heated steering wheel. Birds-eye view camera should be standard on the Limited trim package instead of not even being offered. No LED interior lights and the one, tiny light in the rear storage area is laughable how worthless it is. I ended up replacing all the interior lights with brighter, LEDs. The JBL sound system is only ok. The JBL upgrade in our 2011 Prius sounds MUCH better. Also, the rear entertainment system is so darn complicated and buggy that I'd stay clear from it. We don't even like using it to the kids' disappointment. Toyota connect, in spite of the name, does NOT like to connect and is also glitchy. We were never able to get the van's mobile hot-spot to work and now the free trial is over so we missed that opportunity. As far as power goes, it's fine for 90 percent of the total driving we do. Loaded down with four people, bikes, luggage, and going up a steep hill, yes, there's a little bit of a strain and loud whine from the CVT and motor but I'm still getting more than 30MPGs. In the same scenario with the Odyssey, I was in the low 20s if there was a tailwind. The hold-stop feature a super nice function for school dropoffs and pickups, and drive-throughs. The voice recognition function works great for us, the navigation is far better than the navigation system in the Odyssey. Dynamic cruise control and all the safety functions are helpful and nice to have, and it's a lot quieter than the Odyssey. It also feels classier than the Odyssey and, in my opinion, looks much better than any other minivan. The driving feel was like the 2011 Odyssey which is a good thing. Overall, I'd probably buy it again because of the MPGs and AWD alone but I'd wait until prices go down when supply catches up and Toyota offers incentives again. (UPDATE) 17,xxx miles After many more miles with this van, I still enjoy driving it. We now have towed a camper trailer (avg. 18 mpgs), hauled bags of mulch, and taken many more road trips with our kids and family. I've been consistently getting in the upper 30s and low 40s MPGs which is absolutely AMAZING and we get a lot of exterior compliments from people of all ages everywhere we go. In fact, our neighbors are looking for one but they are having a hard time and dealership markups are outrageous. I stand by my, it's not a $51,xxx vehicle. The technology feels outdated but I've at least had better luck with the rear entertainment hookup. My kids can see a movie but sometimes the sound does not want to play. After a couple restarts, we'd get it to work again. I've turned off lane-centering because it ping-pongs you down highways and lane keep assist because it's just annoying.
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TrimMPGEngineStarting Price
2023 Toyota Sienna XSE 7-Passenger 4dr Minivan (2.5L 4cyl gas/electric hybrid CVT)36 - 364-cylinders (hybrid)$46,557

More about the Toyota Sienna

Edmunds has 43 new Toyota Siennas for sale near you, including a 2023 Sienna XSE 7-Passenger Minivan and a 2023 Sienna XSE 7-Passenger Minivan ranging in price from $46,557 to $46,557.

How much is a new 2023 Toyota Sienna in Crofton, MD?

A new 2023 Toyota Sienna starts at $46,557 (including destination charge) in Crofton, MD. Prices will go up based on the trim level you choose and any options you add. Keep in mind that prices can also vary from one state to another and even from one dealership to the next. Learn more

How much does a 2023 Toyota Sienna Minivan cost in Crofton, MD?

A new 2023 Toyota Sienna Minivan starts at $46,557 in Crofton, MD. Prices will vary depending on what trim level you choose. Each state may have different pricing, so make sure you enter your correct ZIP code on Edmunds. Learn more
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