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    Beware L Packaging - Toyota Petty

    Cross Lover Wareham Mass, 08/08/2023
    2023 Toyota Corolla Cross L 4dr SUV AWD (2.0L 4cyl CVT)
    I have a 2023 Cross L AWD that I picked up in late March and now has 11,000 miles. I love this vehicle! What amazes me the most is the fuel economy. I’m getting a consistent 34 mpg or so. I’m coming from a 2016 Scion iM that got 36 mpg. So to have this Cross get similar fuel economy for a vehicle much larger with AWD is nothing short of phenomenal. I chalk it up to the efficient low … revving CVT transmission. I loved the CVT in the Scion, which has already gone 210,000 miles. I chose the Cross and it’s CVT over the RAV4 and it’s 8 speed auto, as I assumed correctly that the Cross fuel economy would come out on the high end of the EPA numbers. My fear was the RAV4 with its slightly larger chassis, bigger engine, and less efficient transmission would return fuel economy in the mid-20’s. That fuel economy difference adds up when you take a vehicle over 200,000 miles. The engine has plenty of power for me. The warnings about the low power just don’t ring true for me. I find it has typical Corolla power, efficiently getting the job done. I have even pulled a utility trailer loaded with 750 lbs of firewood with no issues. My biggest complaint is that Toyota can be so petty in how they packaged this L. I am especially pissed off that the “so called intermittent” wipers that are just a single constant delay intermittent, rather than a common sense variable intermittent. Toyota is so petty they could have added the intermittent feature and increased the price another $25. To torment us L owners like this, is unconscionable. Oh what a feeling in any light rain! The L also does not come with a rear washer/wiper. What would this have cost them? $150 max? So damn petty to the point of not even making sense. So beware if you are thinking of getting the L model. Toyota intends to torment you for your thriftiness. I’m a little concerned about the thousands of times over the life of this vehicle that I press that “cancel auto stop” button to turn off that incredibly annoying feature. I’m not sure that Toyota designed that switch to cycle on and off that many times. I’m also not a fan of the automatic parking brake. I’m wondering how much it’s going to cost me when that inevitably fails, when the servo no longer serves. I’m loving the Apple car play, although getting from it to Sirius XM is less than intuitive when Apple car play is locked in. I love the ground clearance and the AWD system has worked well. The sound system is good. I have experienced that road noise “living in a sub woofer” effect, but I quickly get used to it and it doesn’t seem to be all the time. The seats are typical Corolla seats. Not as comfortable on long trips as my sporty Scion iM seats. The Cross handles well and the ride is surprisingly smooth on bumpy roads. Basically I consider the Cross to be a 2/3rds sized RAV4 without the $5500 price premium and with better fuel economy. I see a lot of L’s, so Toyota is capitalizing on the value of this great vehicle.
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