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    Consumer Reviews for the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

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    So far so very good!

    Chasw, 05/03/2023
    2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV SEL 4dr SUV AWD (2.4L 4cyl gas/electric plug-in hybrid DD)
    We are 1 month in of ownership. It is primarily my wifes car and bought becuase of the space. We have the SEL touring that is premium minus the Brown interior bits, massage seats and black roof. It has excellent cargo space with the third seats down and again with the second down. Almost class leading compared to others. Interior quality appears good with excellent comfort and space. … Given the PHEV system used, it drives more like an EV. Very smooth at all times. A bit of engine whine when the engine cuts in but really nothing that bad. If you charge it regularly the fuel economy is excellent. In our first month we will get 1000 miles before we fill-up with gas (not using eco mode). Our driving is urban plus limited highway. EV range varies based on driving style and type. When fully charged we are getting 54 -60 miles of indicated range and this is similar to the marketing claims and reviews in non US markets. The EPA rating appears low and I think it is closer to 44 actual driveable range with the type of driving we do. We charge it with a type 1 charger at home and for some reason that gives us a better range than when we try with a Level 2 charger. Initally the EV and driving modes may appear overwhelming. EV Normal mode is best and operates as a hybrid but 90% EV (unless heavy highway). We don’t use pure EV as normal mode defsults mostly to EV. Charge mode does work very well but can drone the engine so we use save mode for longer highway drives. On a longer road-trip I would use charge if the road is long and flat. Don’t use Charge or Save for Urban driving. You can also charge parked in your driveway! The drive modes give you options but we default to normal. Power mode is fun and quick. Tarmac mode tightens everything up for fast twisty roads and the rest we have not tested others including eco mode (yes we are getting 1000 miles per fill up not using eco mode). An excellent vehicle.
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