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New Hyundai Ioniq Electric for Sale

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  • Ceramic White Color: Ceramic White Ceramic White
    Charcoal Black leather Color: Charcoal Black leather Charcoal Black leather
    170mi EPA electric range
    Ourisman Hyundai of Bowie (Bowie, MD)
    Back-up camera
    Heated seats
    Leather Seats

    Located in Bowie, MD / 42 miles away from Ashburn, VA

    Ceramic White 2021 Hyundai Ioniq EV Limited FWD 1-Speed Automatic Electric ZEV 134hp Free Car Washes for Life!, Loaner Car for Scheduled Maintenance!....

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    VIN: KMHC85LJ1MU078756
    Stock: 1078756
    Listed since: 03-31-2021

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Consumer Reviews for the Hyundai Ioniq Electric

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4 out of 5 stars
A first rate EV.
Kilted Tailor,11/05/2021
SE 4dr Hatchback (electric DD)
OK Readers; This REAL review from a FORMER I.C.E. driver and owner for more than 05 decades. Thus I traded my 2018 Honda Ridgeline for this EV, reason not needed here. With that trade in- a whole new world began. I had to re learn EVERYTHING I knew about I.C.E driving. From the basics, like how does re gen brakeing work to thinking not, 'where is the next gas station, I am running on … fumes' to 'where is the next EV charge point, I am running on sparks" This auto SEEMS, and other research confirms, that this is the 'entry level' sort of EV for the new to the EV experience should buy. It does not 'freak out' the tech phobs with its "2001-A Space Oddessy" tech, and a "HAL II' sort of voice telling you EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. Getting into it may be a problem for those with mobility issues. The doors open wide and well, but this thing is LOW. And there is no grab handle on the driver door. Once IN, and you find some mid grade seating, all the controls are friendly, and there is a lot of driver leg room, The HUGE FLAW comes when you take the view out the back. ALL the headrests are in the way of the TINY rear windows, and some jerk smoking squids for lunch put the 'spoiler ' smack in the middle of the too short back window. It may be a deal breaker for some, but you can 'adjust over time'. I note the next generation of the "Ioniq" does NOT have this flaw, so at least Hyundai learned from its mistakes. The controls are easy to find and use. I much like the shifter, both in construction and placement. Right there were you can see it, with a hand rest, no less! Some EVs have it elsewhere, this seems sensible, and its NOT right on the steering housing where you can grab it in the dark for the wiper arm. DO NOT BUY THE BASE TRIM LEVEL! It has no Nav. system, and thus you cannot, with ease, find the next Charge Station, and have the system tell you how to get there. On the 'cheap trim level' I am stuck having to plug in a Smart Phone with this information. IMHO ALL EV should by Law and decency, have at least the Nav system with the EV charge points in it. Over all I am more than pleased with the auto. I do not need a huge range, so the short range, and less $ Ioniq is perfect for my driving needs. I am am NEVER going to be sad over missing out on ALL the repair costs to the old style gas. engines. SO, if you are new to the EV auto evolution, consider this Ioniq amoung your choices. ----------------- 2/23/2022 Readers: This writer is old enow to have owned a '55VW Beetle when it was just a used car; so I am NOT of the age and generation to embrace an EV{BEV}. BUT, I was tired beyound words with ALL the upkeep of a gasoline powered auto, or ICE auto. So, having followed EV evolution since the very first commercial years, I thought it time to make the change. With that, I did the research [important that is} for an EV. My needs were easy; short driving distances, no need for a long range EV, and 'just I' and an occasional great grand kid, to be in it. You should buy an EV or any auto, based on how you drive 95%of the time. So, I found one local, that I could see, touch and drive. With mobility issues, I have to be able to get in and out of it 'with out a crane'. It must be comfortable, have room for all my bits and parts, with good visiblity, good 'road manners', and cost effective, both in terms of cost and running costs. So I bought the "IONIQ" B.E.V or EV in the vernacular. It has four doors, folding seats for the times it has to 'pretend its a small truck', decent storage aft, very good lighting and its well constructed. Its interior is not "a science project' gone wrong. It looks mostly like an "ICE" auto inside, which is PERFECT for me. The windows have plastic switches for the window motor, and are NOT buried in a huge I pad glued to the dash. Rather than a metal key, you have a 'magic keyfob': climb into the EV, touch the brake, push a button, and the EV gage screen makes a noise and a swirl of color, to let you know it is 'awake and ready to play in traffic'. Rather than a gear shift, there is just a selection of buttons to push for your choice of direction. The 'gas gage' is replaced by a similar looking display that show how much charge is in the Battery, and it does it the way a fuel gage would. In all, its a well thought out vehicle. Now the downsides: One has to be the stupid spoiler that runs right thru the middle of the back window! Next, a low roof line for my 05ft and 09 inch height. And most annoying, and a fact I overlooked; this trim level DOES NOT have navagation systems. Which means you have to Fap about with a Smart Phone app, and your stand alone GPS to find where to 'feed' the EV on a longer trip. For ANY EV you buy, Reader--be CERTAIN it has a navagation system in the center screen. This device tells you where and how far, and if you can get to one or another one, with the charge left in the Battery. Sadly, this EV is now 'obselete' and been surpassed by the "Ioniq 05". Its unfortunate, in many ways, this is a fine urban EV for most daily chores. The circa 179 mile range means that it is made for urban use. You can drive long distance in it- but you MUST plan the route well in advance. So, Reader, if you want a good commuter car, 02nd car, a car for the new driver in your house, or like conditions, have a view and try this one. That is IF the Dealers have one, know anything about them, or even care to sell you one. The Hyundia Dealers{and others} do not seem to be 'fans' of EVs.
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TrimMPGEngineStarting Price
2021 Hyundai Ioniq Electric Limited 4dr Hatchback (electric DD)N/AN/A$40,170

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