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Consumer Reviews for the Ford F-150 Lightning

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5 out of 5 stars

Next Level F-150

Erich, 09/02/2022
2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Lariat 4dr SuperCrew 4WD SB (electric DD)
To be truthful, I would rate it a 4.5. It's an excellent V1 e-truck. It delivers improved stability (due to weight and independent rear suspension), provides a quality trim (but not necessarily best-in-class), the build has a perfect fit & finish, it provides a convenient "Frunk" with comfortable seats, it is super quiet on roads, and a so-so Infotainment system marked by slowness and … lack of multitasking capabilities, Wireless CarPlay is nevertheless a plus. Sadly the 2022 version will not be upgradable to Google Automobile OS (a big miss on Ford's part). A standard range battery is perfect for our use case (99% local driving), and as such, 110V charging is all we need due to the low mileage. The ordering process was relatively painless but not completely frictionless. As this is an F150, accessories options and availability is plentiful, which is a plus. I would have liked: 1) better cooling front seats, an option for massaging seat (non Platinum), heated rear seats (VT winters), a reclinable back seat for more comfort, and a HUD option (once upgraded to Android Car OS). Note that faster-charging capabilities are hampered by the evolving charging network, even if the truck maxes out at < 150 Kwh. In the future, and maybe once Tesla's charging network is opened to all, batteries will need to handle the 250 & 350 Kwh charges to make this truck a fantastic vehicle and worth the Extended range battery option. By the way. I forgot to mention that the F-150 whiplash fast. In conclusion, I love it and am fortunate and proud to own one, as this is our first Ford!
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