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Consumer Reviews for the BMW i7

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4 out of 5 stars

i7 bmw EV

ralsagoff, 08/09/2023
2023 BMW i7 xDrive60 4dr Sedan AWD (electric DD)
Drives really well and cabin is super quiet with very little wheel noise transfer. Cabin has too much led glitz like the Mercedes EQS. LED screen is ok but no comparison in size to Tesla. A larger size screen is really more functional especially for driving directions using Google or Apple Maps. The built in moonroof is better than having an all glass roof that cannot shield you from … the harsh summer sun in CA, AZ and other hot climate states. Al all glass roof may look cool but it doesn’t help with climate control comfort when you’re driving in the hot sun. Never mind the sun glare that can be an even added irritation. Built in window shades look gimmicky and detract from the design esthetics. The biggest problem is the fact that BMW has chosen to go with a common body design for the gas and EV versions of their Series 7 and 5 models. This means that the rear passenger floor is not flat like in a Tesla Model S. There is this high ridge running down the middle of the rear passenger floor that makes it about impossible to seat a 3rd passenger in the middle of the rear passenger seat. The lack of a frunk to store a spare tire is also a negative with the i7 unlike my Tesla Model S. Bottom line is that it’s more comfortable than a Model S, especially if you get the front seat massaging option and if your in the right age demographic, its drives and handles better than most boat-like big luxury cars.
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