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Best vehicle I have ever owned

drdean, 05/16/2007
LS 4dr Sedan
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266,000 miles throughout America and still going. It is such a great driving, comfortable, great milage car that we bought a second one. Got 31 mpg average on Interstate driving. With american built parts anyone can service it. A new Mazda that tried to demolish it last year by driving into it was totaled. The Marquis? Dinged on the right side, drivable. Highly recommend this car if you have kids or if you don't want to be injured in an accident. This car needs a tune up every 300,000 miles with its titanium engine, platinum plugs and gold wires. Don't think, just buy one!

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What a great car!

jbeams, 02/13/2011
LS 4dr Sedan
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I would have never bought this car, axcept my Father, said, I am going to pick out your car, since you pick out all lemons as of lately. He pointed out the car lot, and showed me the Mercury Gand Marquis LS, said try the ones you are interested in, then take the one I am pointing out to you. I tried the Ford Explorer, lousy in snow and ice uphill, The chevrolet cavalier, wasnt all that great either, the Grand Marquis not only went through ice and snow, it went all the way up the hill. Wow.

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Good car but sometimes expensive to fix

Joe, 09/25/2006
GS 4dr Sedan
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I have owned this car for 3 years. The problems i have encountered so far: - new brake lines (rotted at 88k) $300 -steering gearbox seal (102k) $90 -pitman arm and idler arm -tie rod and tie rod end (common) -lower balljoint on driver side (VERY COMMON) -muffler hangers ($20) - new headlight lens(peeling) very common -egr valve gives code, can't get valve out, in tight space ($300 to replace at mechanic) The above problems i have encountered was mostly wear and tear and things that DIDN'T go while the car was driving it. I haven't had any problems other than maintanance items that keep the car going. I have enjoyed driving the car and recommend highly!

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Best and worst of a V.G. Car

tio, 07/04/2005
LS 4dr Sedan
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Mechanically, best i've had! With regular oil changes and required periodic service, it has never been any problem. Bad is the elcectric window system! Absolute pits!. Changed each regulator at least twice, some 4 times (overall total 11 times!) Automatic door/window control panel went bad when i decided to get rid of the car. One other plus: mileage over 24mpg highway, (when originally bought, over 26)! This, to me was quite remarkable for V8, 5lt engine. Body had polyglycote coating and required no cleaning and stayed good with an occasioal wash. Original mileage was 19300; at sale was 83500 w/original battery installed! &, this was, without a doubt, the quickest starting car ever owned!

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Loved the car for a while

getting there, 11/26/2009
LS 4dr Sedan
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I bought my Marquis used at 12 years old. It was great for about 2 years and then I had a snowball effect. The brakes I was told were built somewhat of plastic so it would cost me 1000 for a complete brake overhaul, then my catalytic converter just up and died a slow death and I was told since the converter had been welded in it would cost me about $1600 at min to cut it out and get replaced. Overall though it's probably one of the most solid cars around. I truly enjoyed driving it!

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