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Used 1992 Mercury Cougar Consumer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
15 reviews

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We have a limited number of reviews for the 1992 Cougar, so we've included reviews for other years of the Cougar since its last redesign.

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4.25 out of 5 stars

91 CAT

jmctighe, 10/18/2003
1991 Mercury Cougar XR7 2dr Coupe
5 of 5 people found this review helpful

General wear on this loaded xr7, car now has over 150K but this this beefy V8 still kicks it in, cruising at 90 feels like 50. 5.0L seems a bit too powerful for the standard Ford AOD transmission as this was the only major repair, warranty would be voided if dealer didnt set 2nd gear to be run through quickly

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4.38 out of 5 stars

1990 cougar ls

red power house, 03/20/2003
1990 Mercury Cougar LS 2dr Coupe
4 of 4 people found this review helpful

I recently purchased my 90 cougar for $800 and the tranny was out in it but I bought a new one w/ 60,000 mi. on it for $225 and I put it in and has ran great since.

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4.13 out of 5 stars

Hard To Kill

Owner, 11/28/2006
1990 Mercury Cougar LS 2dr Coupe
6 of 7 people found this review helpful

This '90 Cougar was acquired from a neighbor for $2000 in June 1999 just before the 3.8L V-6 engine blew it's head gasket at 50K miles. $1000 in repairs essentially rebuilt the engine and there's been no problems since. The Cougar starts right up even during the coldest NY winters, runs smooth, accelerates OK and still gets 30 MPG on the highway. The ride is cloud-like, I haven't replaced the tires in 50K miles and there's no rattles. The brakes have been worked on a few times; but nothing more than maintenance work. Ford's engineers designed the vehicle well and everything works although it's almost 17 years old. If the doors and rocker panels weren't rusting out; I could drive this forever.

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4.88 out of 5 stars

Love my Cat

Cougar X, 04/06/2002
1990 Mercury Cougar LS 2dr Coupe
2 of 2 people found this review helpful

I accually have a red LS and a black XR7. Both are 1989 models which are the same as 1990 models. I bought the LS new and it has been a great car. It has 133000 miles on it and is going strong. I just bought the XR7. It only has 45000 miles on it and is great condition. The 89 and 90 cougars are my personal favorite looking cars and run great too. If you find a good used one BUY it.

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4.5 out of 5 stars

My Christmas present

dealn4, 09/20/2002
1990 Mercury Cougar LS 2dr Coupe
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I bought my 90 Cougar on Christmas Eve of 1992 from my local Mercury dealership. The original owner bought it new, she bought a new cougar every 2 years, I was 17 at the time. Have all records from her, she had all work done at the dealership. Have had only 1 problem and that was a head gasket went out after 189,000 miles. New engine was the fix, runs great

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