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My SL320

Joan Ortlepp, 07/23/2003
SL320 2dr Convertible
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This is my 5th Mercedes. Have had an older 230SL, 2 diesels and my most recent large sedan 300SE. Have sold my 300SE and Miata convertible and combined the features of both in SL320. This car is fun to drive, very comfortable and quick (even though it is only a large 6 cylinder). I got the SL320 because it had the same engine as my 300SE.

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Suprised by Reliability

Jim, 09/15/2007
SL500 2dr Convertible
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I have owned 3 other MB's, 2 New and 1 used. This 500 SL was puchased from a reliable dealer. (non-factory) I have always had good success with MB but this older, two owner SL has surprised me with its reliability. All systems have performed flawlessly. Many reviews have spoken disparagingly about this series of SL so I had some concerns about its longevity. So far it has been perfect after 18 months of ownership. The performance is exhiliarating but my best surprise is my fuel mileage. In the city I get a consistent 22MPG while on the road it is 26MPG or better. This model year (1996) or perhaps the care given by its previous owners had provided me a car that's a joy to drive.

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Great Sports Convertible

Hesam, 01/21/2008
SL500 2dr Convertible
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This is my 8th Mercedes, including 3 turbo-diesels, and 4 gas-sedans. The build quality is excellent. The ride is somewhat firm but it sticks to the ground and handles turns easily. It quietly reaches 100+mph and there's no wind-noise. The top and rollbar operates with 1 button. The auto-pullup windows are kind of awkward. The break- pedal travels toofar before stopping making easy stops difficult until you get used to the car. It can use a backseat and a larger trunk. The gas mileage is around 16 in city and 22 on freeway, as high as 26 on straight freeway. Car is a bit too heavy at 4170 pounds which affects it's acceleration. 6.3Sec 0-60 is a bit slow for a 315HP $90,000car. Parts overpriced

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What else can go wrong?

walt, 09/17/2010
SL600 2dr Convertible
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After replacing almost all sensors, catalytic converter, oil cylinders, and $4,000 in charges, it looks like it will make beautiful planter!

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over achiever, what's missing ? Love it

Pete, 05/17/2019
SL500 2dr Convertible
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Well i guess ive owned every brand . I bought it for my wife but i cannot get out of it . I was stunned how a 1996 could have things new cars don't. How solid how it eats up the miles . And the attemtion it gets . Think back what was on the road in 1996 ! A chevy or ford or you pick . Nothing comes close in looks. I tead spec, on it no.huge hp numbers . But it pulls and pulls always has power available , a quiet smooth car or push it ot becomes an angry car like an animal kept caged and let free . It never gives you the feeling your over your head driving it . Why did i wait so long ,driving pony domestic cars ?? Now since review added 6000 miles . Replaced the oridginal top window was shot . Took it on day trips we both enjoyed it . It continues to get attention and comments . I have done any work on it myself . It truly is hard to find anyone to work on even simple things ? They German cars have such a reputation for being hard to work on . I think it's because there way ahead of other cars. Think about it 23 years ago rolling into a local garage in need of some kind of work . They open the hood and see a car with fuel injection varible cam timing , covers over everything. Back than. Fuel injection was just starting to come in . That continued the to complicated legend

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