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Love This Beast!!!!

luvmylincoln, 09/15/2013
Signature 4dr Sedan
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I bought this car for $2100 eight months ago. It had 219,000 miles on it when I bought it. I currently have 230,000 miles on it and I haven't had ONE problem with this vehicle. I love the fact that this car is huge, as it fits my family of 4 perfectly. The trunk is gigantic. I have a picture of my 21 year old sister and my two daughters sitting comfortably in my trunk tail-gating. Lol. This car handles phenomenally, and drives so smooth. I have owned brand new vehicles before, and none have compared to my Towncar. It will be a sad day for me when I have to get rid of it.

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Last of the Best

John Abbey, 10/08/2005
Signature 4dr Sedan
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Bought our first Town Car (low mileage '91) in '97. We loved it, however, we did do major repairs on it the fourth and fifth year we owned it. I have been wanting one more of the 'Classic' style pre '98 versions and recently found another low milage (58K) at the same dealership we bought the '91. I have never bought an eight year old car that looks and feels as "new" as this does. It is a dream to drive and in perfect condition! There is just no comparision when it comes to ride and quiet -- the smoothest ride going and this one gets over 27 mpg on the road. I feel we will enjoy this Lincoln for a long time and it was very reasonable to purchase.

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Got me a Car and she's as big as a Whale!

Doug Strand, 12/05/2015
Executive 4dr Sedan
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Bought this to replace my totaled out PT Cruiser. What a difference! I had wanted one of these for about the last 12 years. I consider it the luxury version of the tried-and true Crown Vic cop car or taxi. Happened to drive by a light blue one a guy was just putting a For Sale sign on, it had been garaged its whole life, serviced by a local dealer, and had only 97K miles. The body, paint, and overall condition is excellent. Got it for around 3K. When I first got it, it needed the window washer sensor replaced, which I easily did myself, and the part was only $16. Also, it needed the steering idler arm and pitman arm replaced, which cost $280 at a mechanic. I also replaced the shocks, plug wires, and plugs, and changed oil and filter to Mobile 1 Extended Performance, just to get a fresh baseline. I also changed the fuel filter and air filter with K & N parts. It ran fine when I bought it, but runs even smoother now. This fall, I converted the exhaust to dual exhaust with an H-pipe and eliminated the resonators. Now, I can hear the engine and she has even more get-up-and-go. I have been getting around 19 mpg here in town, and about 23 on the highway if I keep it around 70 mph. I tried running at 55-60 and it was getting 25 mpg, but it is hard for me to drive that slow on the interstate, our speed limit is 80. It has plenty of power and holds speed on our Montana grades. It handled a brief spurt to 106 mph easily, and it did not govern out at that speed. Just put 4 new snow tires on it (Dec '16) and it gets around fine on ice and snow with the factory posi-traction rear end. My boys love the room in the back seat, their own reading lights, and even the ash trays! This car rides smoother, has much more interior room, and quicker acceleration than the PT cruiser, and gets close to the same gas mileage, with 8 cylinders instead of 4! Discovered when driving it last night that it even has little "headlights" that light up the road to the sides of your car when you put the blinkers on! Yes, I have received friendly comments that it looks like an elderly person's car, that is fine with me, I am 53 and may still be driving this when I am 83! This is a well-made American Classic, with good performance, modern electronics, efficiency, and STYLE. This car was about $38,000 new, and I feel like I can enjoy it for at least another 100K miles, riding in comfort, safety and style at a small fraction of the new cost. If this is what you are looking for and can find one that has been well cared for, then I say go for it. Replacement parts are readily available and affordable. Update, 6/14/18 - This great car was totaled out by a guy in a truck that pulled out in front of us on an icy road. Struck his right front wheel at 30 mph. We were all buckled in and did not get a scratch, but the car was totaled. I replaced it with a 2000 Signature Touring Edition, which has all the features of the '97 with a more rounded shape (some like it, some don't). I miss the blue '97 but am sticking with the Town Car!

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Wanted one for a while. Finally got it.

Caleb, 09/02/2010
Signature 4dr Sedan
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My first car was a '84 Grand Marquis and it made me love big cars but knew the town car was the top dog in luxury cars so I wanted a Town car. Finally bought this '97 a couple weeks ago and I love it! I'm 22 and everybody makes fun of me but I love it. So comfortable,plenty of power, and gets over 23mpg. It has tons of awesome features my '04 mustang don't even have. I stopped at a store yesterday and when I came out the car was smoking. Apparently the intake manifold malfunctioned and anti-freeze was everywhere. Seeing it's a common problem I'm not too upset. I just hope it don't cost too much to fix so I can get it back on the road and enjoy it some more.

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Millions of retired guys can't be wrong

K Kraus, 06/20/2009
Executive 4dr Sedan
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Just brought home my "new too me" 97. Previously owned a 91 and two 85 Crown Vic's. I'm 42 and have owned nearly 40 cars in my life, without question the 91 to 97 Town Cars will go down as legends. They strike the perfect balance of ride, fuel milage, comfort, dependability, performnce and just about every other catagory I can think of. The only short coming is driving in snow, but thats only because of RWD, but really, if you have half a brain, you'll be fine. If you don't get 22-24 MPG and 250,000 miles out of one of these, you aren't trying. And trust me, once you drive one, you will want to put 250,000 on it. All other cars will fall short, way short. If you are looking to buy one, DO IT

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