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2005 Lexus SC 430

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SC 430 Excellence

arabesque, 05/31/2011
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Having owned two SC 400's the purchase of a 2005 SC 430 was a natural and welcome happening. The car is so much fun to own and drive! Exceptional quality in comfort and style, power and dependability, the Lexus SC 430 fits our needs for sport and travel. Sure, its a bit short on rear seat room and luggage space but we consider it a sports car with a strong engine and smooth ride. The safety features and treatment of options are Lexus quality through and through. We are truely satisfied with this premium automobile. Wish they still made them!

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2005 Lexus SC 430 2dr Convertible

Annie , 10/27/2010
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I have previously owned a BMW. I like this classy look of Lexus SC 430. I enjoy the hard top convertible of this car. This care gives me a quiet ride and fun to drive. It is very comfortable to ride especially on a weekend trip.

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Best convertable?

peter john, 12/29/2008
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I used to have a Mazda Miata back in 1990 and belonged to the Miata Club of America. Then went to a Mercedes 190 evo. loved the car but the fun factor was not there. Now this Lexus is a dream come true! Power, style, and reliability! Wow! By far the best car in the world for me. I love to just hop in and drive with no destination in mind. Looking to go from Toronto to Vancouver next summer. What other car would be as awesome?

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mid life

Peter, 02/27/2005
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I have had my SC 430 since 2002.This car is the best blend of pure elegence and performance. While it won't out corner a 9-11, You won't feel every dead bug on the road. A car for someone who wants to be pampered. The SC 430 is more comfortable than my ES 300. The Mark Levinson sound system is better than my in home Sony system. You will love this car! One thing: it, simply stated, stinks in the snow. With the top up there is a lot of trunk space. With it down, well, that's what the "back seats" are for. It eats gas but if that's a big deal to you, you shouldn't be looking at a 300 hp vehicle.

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The Perfect Cocoon of Luxury

Victoria, 01/05/2010
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The Lexus SC430 is a near perfect animal. It growls when you need it to but purrs all the time. This automobile is second to none in quality build, interior comfort and beauty, and all around elegance and class. When I drive my SC 430 (black with saddle, ooh la la) heads turn. She's a beauty. And amazingly, she's as much fun with the top up as down. The perfect cocoon of silence and safety, the way the side of the door is higher than most cars gives you the feeling of being wrapped up in LUXURY!!! I should know. I own a $160 thousand dollar Porsche along with thirty other luxury and sport cars. This car is my daily driver because life is too short to settle for less than the best.

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