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Wonderful experience with my IS lease

gt280, 07/19/2013
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Let me preface that rather than write a review when I first obtained the car, let me share my experiences toward the end of my 36 month lease. Approaching month 34... * AWD - very amazed and impressed of the handling during freezing rain, snow and icy weather. I’ve driven through actual snow storms and the car handled really well while other cards just spun around or were completely helpless! I felt really confident driving this around in snow! *I drove highway miles averaging 33- 34 mpg using premium fuel! *Dealer provided excellent customer service during my visits for service * I really enjoyed the navigation system - friendly, easy and spot-on

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Love it!

DrNate, 10/29/2010
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What a great car - very smooth ride, fantastic sound system, extremely comfortable. I've run out of superlatives to describe it. Tried the IS 350 for its bigger engine, but the handling was way too stiff and the road noise was annoying, I don't miss the extra hp. The BMW was spirited, but to get everything that came standard with the 250 would have cost another $5K or so.

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Great deal for great car

Sean, 07/09/2010
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Switching from my 07 BMW 328i to the Lexus IS 250 was not an easy choice. BMW has great styling and is a fun car to drive. The issue is more the nickel and dime attitude from BMW. Why are car alarms extra? Plastic seats? Come on BMW. So I am going Japanese and in the end got on a great deal that included all the luxuries. Love the interior (except the old school clock) and comfort. While this is no BMW 328, it does have decent power. I am speeder by nature, so less power when the light turns green is best for me. If I want to floor it, it will move. Why are raters so concerned about 0-60 MPH time. With all the traffic I generally can't confirm the time, plus it's a waste of gas & dangerous

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Sleeper Hit

Mr Piccolo, 05/05/2010
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For me, the real decision was between this and the G37. I really want the G37 performance and styling. But to get the same features the IS250 provides the G37 is at least $5k more at MSRP. No one pays MSRP, but that's huge difference before we even start haggling! Is 100 hp worth $5k? Possibly but that's at least $100/mo more - eep. But I got a screamer of a deal (less than this website shows for invoice) at 2.9%. With only ~220 miles I'm already averaging 26 mpg in the city - pretty good for car not broken in yet. The car looks much better in person than in pictures. Not sold on the rear, but front and side have nice curves. This car is plush, smooth and is just all around awesome

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No Regret

Thomas Yeo, 04/05/2010
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There was a struggle when I went about to get a new car to replace the Mercedes C200K 2007 model. The C200 was rough and hard on the fuel pedal with engine and road noise not on par with the brand name. The IS250 choice was a balance between my want to have an exciting car and luxury and comfort. In the end the choices were Audi A4, Volvo S80 and Volkswagen GTI. A4 was expensive not worth the money, the Volvo was too big for my wife to handle and the GTI was boyish. The choice fell on IS250 Deluxe. I do not have a regret. The car is truly a balance on power and enjoyment of luxurious driving. It is fast enough if I want to and satisfy the need to drive with some degree of spirit

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Great car! Just 1 complaint so far...

rich, 01/11/2010
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This was my Christmas gift to myself, and I have to say that so far I love the IS250. Smoky granite mica, black leather interior, navigation, heated/vent seats, hid lights etc. It has a great balance of luxury, style, quality, fuel economy, technology, and comfort (despite the rear passenger leg room). So far my only complaint is that the control for the iPod on the navi lags. Lil difficult to search for songs. I was surprised that the audio was as good as it is. This is not the fastest vehicle, but like I stated earlier its a well balanced vehicle.

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Bang for the buck preowned IS.

Will Pendlebury , 01/14/2018
4dr Sedan AWD (2.5L 6cyl 6A)
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We bought this 2010 IS250 after our last Lexus was wrecked in a weather related accident. We have a GX460 and we’ve owned two other Lexus models. The IS is a spunky little sedan with many features. It’s fun to drive and the awd is very good. The back seat is snug but we knew that already. The front door locks act up sometimes (won’t unlock for us when we use the remote occasionally) but this has apparently stopped happening in recent days. We’re pleased with the IS as it’s a good second car for the price.

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Car shutters when moonroof retracted

s gill, 05/26/2010
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Serious flaw in the moonroof when fully retracted. Car vibrates and shakes something awful. Usually happens when the car is traveling around 50 to 60 mph. Only way to stop this is to close moonroof halfway.

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