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    Consumer Reviews for the Lexus GX 460

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    Great SUV

    Materialman , 04/16/2022
    2022 Lexus GX 460 4dr SUV 4WD (4.6L 8cyl 6A)
    Some say it’s dated. For me it’s perfect. V8 power, tried and true, full time 4wd, 6500 pound towing capacity, body on frame. It’s been a pleasure to own, no problems, zero. Build quality, paint, interior, all great. This is a quality vehicle that will give you many years of service. Update 10/22. The GX has been perfect with zero issues. Still drives new and no rattles. Interior still … looks new. Still feeling good about this purchase! Update 4/20/23 Just passed 70,000 miles. Had the front brakes done along with the scheduled maintenance. No issues at all to report. The GX still runs and drives as new, with not a squeak or rattle. The paint and interior are still great and I get compliments on it. The phone companies recently phased out 3G and it affected some of my telematics, which is disappointing, because Lexus is not offering any repair/updates to upgrade the truck to 4G. These are great vehicles and if your looking at a used one buy a 2019 or newer, which have 4G. Update 10/20/23: no issues to report. I just got back from an extended trip to several states. She was loaded down but performed well in the mountains. For a 2016 with 81,000 miles to still be as tight and rattle free is impressive. I will look at the all new 2024, but it may be out of my price range. These are great vehicles.
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