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Would like a convertible Sportage next time

leigh922, 12/12/2010
4WD 4dr SUV (2.0L 4cyl 4A)
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In nearly 2 years of ownership, really liked this SUV. My biggest complaint is the hassle of the spare tire holder being mounted on the rear hatch. You must have two hands available to open and close the rear - what a pain! Otherwise, it was roomy, the 4WD worked great, the fuel economy was as expected for the class and I had few issues. I suspected a head gasket leak at around 80,000 mi but despite the smell and liquid on the garage floor every day, no one could identify the leak source. Now that I can get another car, I'm looking for a convertible Sportage 4WD - best of all worlds!

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Got My Money's Worth!

prissy, 11/13/2010
2WD 4dr SUV (2.0L 4cyl 5M)
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Bought this suv only for the fuel mileage. My job required traveling and I live on the road. This car has surpassed my expectations on fuel savings and other than changing the oil & routine servicing, it hasn't cost me one penny! When I purchased it, it had 22k miles & now I'm just over 113k miles. This is a lightweight suv and I found it odd to be rear-wheel drive. It isn't a luxury vehicle but I didn't buy it thinking it was. It's been a great vehicle and has saved me lots in gas and was easy to own. Low auto insurance, maintenance and property taxes. Not a great ride for long trips but if gas consumption is your concern - look no further!

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great friend for almost 14 years

M Allen, 12/21/2015
2WD 4dr SUV (2.0L 4cyl 4A)
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My only complaints were 'cosmetic' interior, such as: cup holder is above and so blocking radio, clock and climate control. My grand daughter loved it because with the stadium back seat she could see out easily. One thing I wish I had checked before buying is how back seats fold up to enlarge cargo space. Since they fold up against the front seats at least 8 possible inches are lost. I bought it to be my ridge runner when living in Big Sur, which it was 'excellent' for size-wise and 4x4, and its safety features, structurally better than other baby SUVs of the period, as it is a small truck frame and drives like a small truck; has cross beams in the doors and an extra air bag for driver's knees. I never had to do anything except regular maintenance, as the only major thing that ever went wrong was shortly after I bought it and warrantee totally covered it. It has been rear ended 3 times, progressively worse each time, and fully repaired the first 2 times. This last time hit and run while it was parked, at a speed high enough to throw it about 20 feet forward, frame was bent in back, but was still totally drivable and seemed structurally sound except for the smashed rear lift door and spare tire. I let it go so its heart could be transplanted into another, but I miss it terribly. I was the only owner and was quite happy with it, regardless of the cosmetic interior complaints. I would highly recommend this car, especially if you have a need to run ridges.

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Cheap, Fun 4x4

aleksg, 04/27/2014
4WD 2dr Convertible SUV (2.0L 4cyl 5M)
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I bought my Sportage for 350 dollars, so I wasn't expecting perfection. It has 228k km on the clock, and the manual transmission is noisy, the synchros are worn, so it shifts hard when cold, but still works. All of the door handles were loose or broken when I got mine, but these problems are easy to fix for a weekend warrior because the door panels are a cinch to remove. The window switches are a common problem, but also very easy to fix. Basically this is a car you can buy for REAL cheap from someone who doesn't know how to fix small problems. Then you fix them yourself and boom, perfectly good car.

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Luv my Kia

iceman8147, 11/09/2003
2WD 2dr Convertible SUV (2.0L 4cyl 4A)
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I purchased (2) Kia Sportage convertables over a year ago. Both my wife and I love them. They are perfect for the Florida beach / rush hour traffic scene. You sit up nice and high, but can zip in and out of traffic. With the top off, you can enjoy the fresh ocean air. I have worked in the US automotive industry for 20 years, but after driving my little SUV, I am impressed. The fit and finish on our Sportages was as good as or better than vehicles that I have seen at the NA assembly plants. For the money, they are quite a value. If they had a small V6 in it rather than the I4, fuel economy would be better as the 4 cylinder is worked pretty hard.

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