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This car won't leave you stranded

Lena LaFaye, 11/29/2008
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I have owned this car for six years now. It has never once left me stranded. If you treat this car well it will run. Repairs I have done were normal considering the age. Timing belt, front wheel bearings, harmonic balancer, starter, fan clutch, brake drums and other scheduled maintenance. This car has lasted multiple cross country road trips and does exceptional on the highway. Even now, with it being 12 years old I get 23mpg city and 30mpg hwy. The new model sportage is put to shame by this. People mention to me my car doesn't accelerate fast. I don't mind this because I'm not a fast driver. I like that it's high enough that you can step into it not stand up or stoop down.

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Pros and Cons

Troy, 06/03/2008
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I have a 96 Kia Sportage and The Kia is good in most cases until it breaks down. For the do it your self mechanic there is NO shop manual avalable, Because KIA wants you to bring the car to them. I am currently having to replace water pump, timing, and work on lifters without a shop manual. Hoping i can find all the timing and torque specs i need. I hope in the future Kia allows a shop manual and more after market parts for the do it yourself mechanic. Hopefully after i am done i can get better fuel mileage.

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Love my Sportage!

toki, 06/05/2002
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I saw this SUV in Korea when they first came out in '95 and I've liked them ever since. I take it up in the mountains and out to the desert and it's never let me down. It's very sure- footed in Utah snow. Plus it's cute and sporty yet easy to get in and out of.

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Bought in 1997 and still going strong

mjtooley, 03/08/2010
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We bought this car new in 1997. It was a closeout on a 1996 model. For the money it has been great. It had a few little interior rattles over the years that separate it from the better built Japanese cars at the time, but nothing to serious. The car seems to like to eat O2 sensors. It needs a new one every 3 years. Same with the muffler. But other than that, a good car with the expected maintenance. The car looks like new in our garage.

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Great small SUV

ree, 09/08/2002
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This is a great car for anyone who wants to graduate to an SUV, but doesn't want the expense or very low fuel economy of a bigger SUV. This is a comfortable, reliable vehicle. With scheduled maintanence (oil changes, tire rotation, belts, hoses and filters), this car needs nothing but gas!

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