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This thing won't die!

eagleboyrox, 07/09/2012
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I have an 05 Sedona and this van is surprisingly the most reliable van I have ever seen. Kia's cars are crap but this van has 306,234 miles on it right now and still runs like the day it came off the showroom floor. The engine is so quiet you can't hear it run and the transmission still shifts like it should. I love the room inside and the seats are easy to remove. I've even hauled my jetski in it a few times! I keep the oil changed with 10 w30 Mobil 1 synthetic. That may also account for the great gas mileage I get in this van. It only uses a quarter tank up and back from my house to my mother's house which is about 80 miles away as long as you keep the mph fairly steady. Keep that in mind.

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She's My Work Horse

yankeegirl89, 08/13/2013
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This Van Currently has 123,000+ miles on it and counting, we've used it to haul all my kids to their games and meets, move their stuff to their college dorms and apartments. We have moved furniture, appliances, taken trips, been all over in it, she's been old reliable. Haven't had any problems with this van, I would buy another one were it not for the fact that in another year I wont need to be moving anymore kids and I can downsize again finally.

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Bought New in January 2005

socaldave, 02/05/2013
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Bought the van fully loaded: leather, DVD, ABS, moonroof, etc. Comparatively equipped mini-vans were much more expensive. Currently has about 58k miles after 8 years. The brakes went out by 20k miles and the ABS never seemed to work right. Replaced tires with Hankook (factory) tires the first couple of times. The inner walls on the front tires kept wearing out. Went with Michelins the last time and they seem to be working better. Haven't had any major problems but looking at around $900 for timing belt replacement at 60k miles. Also, spark plugs are very difficult to change out. I average about 13 mpg city and 20 freeway. Paint is fading. Mirrors and bumpers are first to go.

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Good van

busmunoz, 04/26/2013
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Bought the van used in 2009, and other than the required maintenance I never had to fix a thing. I love this van. I put about 75,000 miles on it and it is more reliable than any new car I ever bought.

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Great little van

INDIOSDAD, 03/18/2010
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Got the van to transport our greyhound dogs. We have 4 of them and have found with the center row of seats out we have ample room for all the dogs. This van has been very reliable and we have had no issues with it. Have only had to perform normal maintenance on it. The ride is good, the interior design is just right, over all we find this a good vehicle that suits our needs. We only wish it got better mpg, however it does get better mpg then my wife's pt cruiser. Will buy Kia again when we need a new van.

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Traded Lemon Y2000 Grand Caravan for 0meter Sedona

WIKI, 10/29/2015
EX 4dr Minivan (3.5L 6cyl 5A)
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I bought Y-2000 grand caravan having less than 50,000 miles for $7500, it was a lemon, its AC didn't get fixed even by Chrysler dealer, lots of problems, i wanted to trade it in to buy Honda Odyssey, but they were expensive $18000 for used van under 60000 miles and they put Grand Caravan value under $2000, I visited KIA dealer, they trade in my Van for $6500 for brand new o meter 2005 KIA Sedona, I bought it in MARCH 2005 and to this day, it is amazing, i blindly trusted the foreign brand but it proved to have reliability, now i have 156,000 plus miles on it and no sign of any engine or transmission problems. Its shocks are still behaving like a new Van, i will say it is over design, bad in mileage but gives you 300 miles in a 16-17 gallon tank, this is the only bad side but overall it paid off my buy.

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Pretty good mini van

durangomom, 08/19/2010
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I bought this van used with 12,000 miles on it, it has been a good car for us, I was very hard on the rotors, and the brakes, we had to travel down a step hill often, so the rotors wore out pretty fast, that was about 2 years, after we bought it, also around the same time, the adjusting part of the p seat went out, and we had it replaced, its a good a car, and it can take hit in the back, it was in a pretty hard finder binder, and hardly crunched up at all. I do recommend this car, for the price it's perfect, and I think it is pretty fast, i don't know what some of the poster are talking about, mini vans are meant for large families, they shouldn't be like sports cars, they should be safe for kids.

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piece of junk

opencarry, 02/16/2012
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Bought it in 08 with 15k on the odometer.... 3-4 sets of brake pads pr year, Throttle positioning sensor replaced, Camshaft positionong sensor replaced, power steering pump dissintegrated, ac compressor..shot, timing belt, L front strut..toast, unable to maintain allignment, 5 sets of tires up front, gas mileage sux!!! 13mpg - 18mpg., underpowered, delayed gear shifting, 4 sets of headlights, power seats malfunction, front bearings, seizure of R front wheel. Aaand regular maintenance costs. We are a fam of 7. demand are high but the vehicle has been maintained. All was well untill 75k. After that, should have dumped it.... never again.

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Kia Sedona

naayaah321, 12/28/2009
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My parents own a Kia Sedona, 2005, and really like the minivan. It has been very reliable and done us well after 4 years. The brakes werre replaced prior 2 times and on the second tine, my dad made them put heavy duty rotors and pads and it's been fine ever since. The engine has been very reliable and the problems noted n these reviews have never happened to us. We did replace the tires with the car tires they reccomend, and they wore out fast. What you need to do, is replace them with light truck and SUV tires and i fixes that problem. Think about it, the vehicle weighs 4800 lbs, and car tires are just not heavy duty enough. Overall, it's been a great vehicle for our family.

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lots of minivan for the money

KT, 07/17/2006
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My wife and I traded a 99 Plymouth Grand Voyager for an 05 Kia Sedona due to transmission problems. Right off the bat I was impressed--build quality and interior design were light years ahead of what I expected. Nice ride, too. Handling is decent. I have to give credit on the interior as this is the 05 Sedona's best feature. Plenty of cupholders, 12v outlets, and storage spots. Seats are comfortable. We took this van to the beach about a week after we bought it, and it was a perfect match. I never thought I would "want" to drive a minivan but this one changed all that. Great sage green exterior paint job. Easy on the eyes.

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