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KIA Rio5 an Excellent & Fun Value

rfbronk1, 11/23/2011
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Our 2012 KIA Rio5 is our second car. For around town use it is terrific - we get an overall 35 mpg. The five door is very usefu and the comfort is just fine. The styling is fine and the car really is fun to drive. We have a family car that is for trips but the Rio 5 is for everyday use. We could not find another vehicle for less money with a better warantry. The build quality is nice and the red paint is beautiful - the cloth interior is nice - this is just the perfect second car for us.

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Excellent good-looking car that is value for money

sunbomb, 02/10/2012
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For a customer profile like mine (already own a minivan, looking for commuter car) this is a great option to have. The car itself would probably satisfy a lot of other profiles, but it is smack in the middle of my demo. Cargo space is not that great, but that is not why I bought this car. I bought this with the convenience package which included UVO (a cool addition) and the rearview camera. No need for nav if you already have a smartphone. Car handles beautifully and very little of the harsh rides associated with sub-compacts. Really like the looks and the interior. A lot of reviews have commented on how the interior does not look as cheap as other cars in the class.

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Great milage

georgeannv, 03/14/2012
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I drive a total of 60 miles a day to work and back home. I travel both on highway and city. I use the ECO feature when dealing with traffic and have on the average (depending on where I buy my gas) get 34mpg. I have noticed with lower grade stations, the perfomance is less. The pickup while using ECO is a bit regulated but with a quick click, you can turn it off and get the punch you need to pull quickly ahead. I replaced this car with a 2007 PT Cruiser which had horrible gas milage. I find the instrument panel great with the RIO SX model and love the rear screen view due to the limited viewing of the rear window. I would definitely recommend the Rio to other buyers. It is fun to drive!

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All I wanted & more

davedito, 11/17/2012
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I purchased my '12 Rio 5 LX one year ago last month...almost 27,000 miles...and I could not be happier. A month after I bought it (at 2,000 miles), I drove from the Hill Country to Joshua Tree NP in southrn California, about 2,400 miles round trip. At 80mph, I averaged 35mph. Not what the sticker said for highway mileage, but they didn't test at those speeds, either. Sine then, I' driven to Caprock Canyons, Angel Peak (NM), and Myrtle Beach, SC (averaged 40mpg at 70mph). I just love driving this thing. If you're not getting decent mileage, you must be doing something wrong. Seriously wrong.

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I'm Happy...

mattman44, 08/10/2012
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If you're looking for an SX with premium pkg, GOOD LUCK! There were 8 available east of Kansas when I looked. Traveled 350mi by train to get it. Features for price can't be beat. Things laid out well and user friendly. Smaller in back but bigger in front than Versa but I'd prefer the styling to the smaller space. I hate the transmission. Manual in SX please! Gas debate - computer is 4mpg high. With math I get 38 each tank in 70/30 hwy+. Comp says 41-43. Forget ECO use manumatic in city. Hwy keep under 75 with steady foot. Don't drive like a moron and you can get good gas mileage. Comp reads 403 at fill up. I get btw 330 and 360 per tank. 6K miles so far, hope to get over 40 after break in.

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