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Used not abused

Jay Asheville, 06/07/2016
Laredo 4dr SUV (3.7L 6cyl 5A)
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This site does not offer by default to add the 5.7 Hemi engine or any V.8s. I have had 5 Jeep Grand Cherokees all V8s. The latest a 2010 4x4 5.7 Hemi Limited S, which is great & the power is just so much more than the 4.7 models. I believe that this WK model (2009-2010) with the 5.7 Hemi is by far the best power to weight ratio in all the grand Cherokees to date including the newer ones (2011-2016). The 2009-2010 got a small boost in HP & economy with no weight increase. I also had a 2009 4x2 5.7L Hemi & I thought being a 4x2 would be faster.. not so and I like towing with the little heavier 2010 Type S WK 5.7 (hard to find model) To get to the reason I'm writing this is easy. You take care of your G.C. and it will not fail you much, windows always in Jeeps go bad. I bought all of mine used and had put some money into them always at first to start from zero on fluids. I have always changed all fluids to synthetic the moment I have bought them. Never had much problems unless not garaged and in cold weather. When I tow heavy loads then some problems have come up but no big deal. With synthetic proper fluids and oils you should not experience problems when towing acceptable loads. Don't force the transmission or the engine too much.... it will smell like is burning once you park. These Wks are not large SUVs & do have good ergonomics. Driver kind of cramped left foot when up and flat. These wk hemi feel fairly tight and performance orientated for the price. The ride is soft not what I expected on the 09 & 10. I guess accomadating women too. The seating arrengemnet or size is fine, not having hardly any people in the rear seat suits me fine. The towing is very good on the Limited S model(stiffer front) but on the Limited (2009) not 4x4 is just ok. I would like stiffer suspention and did added a heavy dutty rear sway bar and stiffen with Air Lift bags the rear. Other good things is the sound system. Not a huge vehicle and fits just fine in garage. They are very practical parking in downtown too, the rear camera helps. I'm sold on the 5.7 Hemi because I tow a car here and there and the power is there when you step on it, it will GO! I will say any driver can drive these since they are not a HP bouncing machines. I used to hit the pedal to the metal often when I first got them but now I know the power is there when I need it. They do get thirsty if you pedal it down in city roads. Find the used ones with no signs of towing if possible. No matter the miles on the hemi it should be fine if not abused. People get bored of same vehicle and not necessary sell them because they are bad. These Grand Cherokees (WK) with the V8 Hemi are a great vehicles for multi uses, even city driving if you got $ for gas. Using 89 octane is the trick when towing or mountain driving. No need for 91 or 93 octane won't do any better. Have fun and if you find an Type S (2010 only) get it, much nicer than just the normal one. Despite any repairs I have enjoyed driving the V8s only for any kind of towing, and this hemi with vvt (variable valve timming) is better than all other ones I have ever owned. Add heavy duty ceramic brakes in front for great stopping power and even more safety. You should have no oil leaks at all if all tighten down good that could leak. Fun driving easy parking. Hwy driving with cruise control & @65 mph Florida flat hwy gotten 22mpg. Otherwise 18-19 mpg. :-)

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Still loving this SUV after almost 4 years

vpjeep, 07/06/2013
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I have had this 2010 GC Laredo 3.7L base model for almost 4 years. No fancy shmancy bells or whistles; the 2WD SUV is perfect for southern/rainy climates. It sits up high, steering is tight/responsive, super Mercedes W5A580 tried- and-tested transmission, and a window liftgate to carry long items. (Very few SUVs have that window liftgate feature.) In 4 years, I have had nothing but smooth, reliable performance. TIRES. Oh what a difference good tires make- recently replaced the stock Forteras with Michelin LTX M/S and it feels like a brand new car with perfect handling. I am even happier with it now. Corners great, solid grip and confidence in major rain, and a ride smooth as glass.

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It's Still a Jeep!

Samuel, 06/03/2010
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My family has been buying Jeeps for years now and has had generally pretty good luck with them. Our 2010 Grand Cherokee Laredo is no exception. Before believing the professional reviewers who claim the 3.7 liter V6 engine is underpowered, I suggest you drive one and decide for yourself. Mine has plenty of get up & go although the mileage could be better. My dealer was doubling the manufacturer's rebate, meaning I saved over $10,000 off of MSRP before they looked at my trade-in.

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My third Grand Cherokee

naughty0519, 06/27/2010
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Bought the Limited with the 5.7 Ltr hemi (not an option in the Edmunds drop down menu). After owning a '95 and '99, decided to go back to my old friend. So glad I did!

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First Jeep GC

jimsjeep, 02/27/2011
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Didn't even consider a Jeep when I was looking at new SUVs. The limited model was very smartly styled, black with chrome accents. I wanted a V8 w 4WD, with Nav, bluetooth, memory and heated seats. The 5.7 hemi is terrific, getting 15 mpg city and 17.5 hwy over first 10K miles. steering is precise, suspension is firm but sophisticated, not like a truck (or our 2000 EB Explorer). Brakes are the right balance of pedal pressure and stopping distance. I haven't found anything that the 4WD couldn't handle on snowy mtn. roads. The Navi/radio/bluetooth system with voice interaction is very smart and responsive. This car is definitely smarter than I am . This car has been flawless.

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