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On Top of the World

GOKITTY, 05/21/2008
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I have wanted a Jag for over 30 years. Well, it was finally time. Just to make sure, I drove every conceiveable competitor. Corvette, BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Aston Martin, Lexus - you name it. The XKR is the best overall choice. It is stunning. Strangers drool. It is THE gentleman's sportscar. And the service from Hennessy was unbelieveable. Top notch.

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Jagman, 01/28/2009
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Swapped my 2002 XKR for this 2005 XKR. Definite upgrade & improvement. Since both cars were black, most don't realize it is not the same car. However, the increased horse power and extra gear (6th) give a different driving experience and improved performance over the previous model. This car can be driven all day and averages close to 20 mpg, not that I care, but it is impressive. Best car I have ever owned.

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Driving a dream

midaem, 08/16/2004
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This is like driving all the spactacular car dreams you've had all your life. It handles like I don't even need to be there. When you are driving the XKR you KNOW there is NO BETTER car on the road. It is the best, and you are in it. Strangers talk to me at red lights and in parking lots, and I know its not because of my red hair on my 50 year old body. Its all about the car. I am the princess I never got to be when I was a girl, I am the Homecoming Queen, but mostly I am the plastic surgeon's wife who EARNED this little piece of ultimate luxury.

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Superb GT Car

Jag Lover, 06/02/2016
XKR 2dr Coupe (4.2L 8cyl S/C 6A)
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This 2005 XKR coupe is the third Jag I have owned. Previous cars included a 1969 E-Type 2+2 and a 2004 XK8 coupe. While this car is now 11 years old, it is drop dead gorgeous, and I still find myself sneaking out to the garage occasionally at night just to admire it. The DNA from the E-Type is much more obvious for this first series of XK8s and XKRs than the 2nd generation XK8s and XKRs, and just like the E-Type, these cars will always look beautiful no matter how old they become. And while they look great in photos, they have a very striking physical presence when seen in the flesh that rivals any exotic from Italy or Germany. I never feel as though I am playing second fiddle when driving this car. If the E-Type is a WWII Spitfire, the XKR is a Lear jet on steroids. It is a superb, outrageously beautiful, classy, and fast GT car with an original 2005 sticker price of just shy of $100,000 that can now be purchased for around a quarter of that price. Eventually, the ones with low miles and in great condition are going to begin to appreciate significantly in value. The perfect combination of speed, grace and sensuous good looks. A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

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XKR Coupe

Young Mach, 05/01/2005
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This has to be the hottest car in the street. This car gives you great confidence every time you drive this fantastic automobile. Put some TV's in the headrest and set of 20-inch chrome giovanni's with some yokohama low pro z- rated tires and you're good to go.

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