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Audio Failure

m37s, 07/01/2011
4dr Sedan (3.7L 6cyl 7A)
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My first Infiniti M37S. Driven 12,600 miles. Audio started failing. Shuts itself down every now and then. Brought it in and received a G35 loaner. They replaced the whole system. Still the same problem and worse, navigation voice guide doesn't work anymore. With new system, lost all my recorded CDs that's taken out. So need to redo all that. XM charges extra for changing into a different "radio ID" as they call it. So have to pay out of pocket to fix it. And still awaiting more parts for trial and error repair. Acceleration lag gets worse after 10,000 miles, and nothing they can do about that. Going on a roadtrip this weekend, and had to drive this without audio. Regret buying.

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Infiniti Got This M Right!-7 month update

csrmax, 03/22/2011
4dr Sedan (3.7L 6cyl 7A)
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After driving my M37S over the last 7+ months, there are several "tweaks", in my opinion, Infiniti should make to this truly great vehicle to make it outstanding. Transmission needs a "software" update(a la BMW) I've found it more responsive in normal mode than Sport mode. Dynamics of the Sport Package are excellent,the vehicle handles beautifully, but overall ride is too "choppy" for a vehicle in this price point.... get rid of the Bridgestone tires!Dunlop would be a better choice(our 2011 G37xS has them) Vehicle should have side maker turn signals(Maxima has them!) and headlight washers Infiniti/Nissan needs to have an"emergency" response BMW Assist, OnStar

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2011 M37x /Premium & Technology Packages

dieter, 12/03/2010
x 4dr Sedan AWD (3.7L 6cyl 7A)
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Outstanding performance and handling. Clear & large gauges that are well lighted day or night.User friendly electronics with a well designed touch screen interface as well as large buttons at well placed locations.I highly recommend this vehicle to seniors like myself who have difficulty with the gauges in cars like the E350 or 535i.I drove the E350 in early sun light and could not read the speedometer. The BMW uses red and orange lighting that is difficult for older eyes.

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Give Me a Break

cogeezer, 03/08/2011
x 4dr Sedan AWD (3.7L 6cyl 7A)
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This car has everything! It's a technological wonder. Why then can't I control some of these amazing features? For instance, I must have the doors lock when I'm driving. No override. I can't use my telephone phonebook when I'm driving. It's much safer to pull out my phone and try to read the number than to use my large screen nav system. No override. I can't use my nav system when I'm driving. Guess I'll be stopping a lot on the freeway to phone and navigate. However all my electronic safety equipment such as blind spot warning, front end collision avoidance, etc. turns off when I stop the car and I have to remember to turn it on or it won't function. So why is that safer? There is no alarm for not wearing my seatbelt. So why is that safer? Also the music box doesn't seem to be able to read most CD information so all my CD's, artists and songs are just the date and time recorded. Not too convenient. And speaking of the nav system, I've been living in my new house for three years, but my nav maps don't even show my neighborhood. I was told I could buy an update. Mighty kind of Infiniti. Speaking of nav systems, the nav system on the Infiniti sucks. It's difficult to use and technologically out of date. My old 2004 Acura TL had far superior nav capabilities and voice activation years in advance of what Infiniti has now. Infiniti touts the voice activation for the phone and nav as safer than pushing buttons. Might be if it worked! The voice activation is practically never right. Extremely frustrating. As for performance and appearance the car is spectacular in almost every way. My only complaint is that the gas mileage is horrible (15 around town and 22-23 on the highway, even using the Econ mode). My problem is I am so frustrated by all the quirky electronic annoyances every time I try to drive that I just want to take the car back.

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Infiniti got this M right!

CSRMAX, 08/30/2010
4dr Sedan (3.7L 6cyl 7A)
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After owning 3 BMW's over the last 7+ years,(03 M-3 Coupe, 05 545i,07 550i) I was not impressed with the 2011 new 5's design, and decided to look at Jaguar XF. AC would not work on the test! The Infiniti dealer was located near the Jaguar dealer, so I stopped and was blown away with the Malbec Black M37 S that was on the dealer's showroom floor! I was even more impressed after "test" driving it (dealer let me take the car for over 3 hours) I couldn't believe this vehicle was a 6 cylinder. I felt no change in power from my 550i. Needless to say, the M37S now resides in my garage! This vehicle is fantastic! I'm sure maint. costs will be less than BMW and reliability much better

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