People take different paths to their perfect car. With our Premier program, all paths lead to you.

Whether shoppers compare deals or research cars on Edmunds, or check their social feeds, they'll see ads and listings with your inventory, connecting them with you.

Reach shoppers on Edmunds

Your cars are showcased on engaging listings that send shoppers straight to your VDPs. We'll also feature your dealership name, giving your brand a boost in exposure.


Reach shoppers off Edmunds

Shoppers will see your cars again in their social channels after they've left our site; ads featuring your vehicles will show up in their social feeds. We'll even send your cars to a shopper's email inbox*.


Get access to useful tools

Our CarCode messaging platform lets shoppers contact you however they want, whether it's by text messaging, website chat, phone call or Facebook Messenger. All messages are tracked in your CRM.

Connections that go the distance
We speak to shoppers about what makes them more likely to buy. That's why our resources turn customers into buyers — quality contacts for you to close.
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    Trusted reviews

    We publish 300+ car reviews a year, and have more than 55 million views on YouTube — our audience knows what makes your cars great.
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    Shopping tips

    Our expert articles guide customers through the shopping process. They have the confidence to call and schedule a test-drive.
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    Online tools

    Shoppers use our site to compare cars and figure out their budget. You get customers who are determined to buy soon.
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    Deal ratings

    We let shoppers know that you're offering a good deal in their area.
The road to your dealership
Premier is the way to be at every point of a shopper's journey.
We engage with them, boost their confidence and steer them to your website.
Reach more shoppers with these optional features**

*Shoppers must have signed up for the free Edmunds Insider program to receive emails.
** Added charge.