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Best car I ever owned

ackr13, 02/25/2014
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I bought my Hyundai new in April 2004. I now have 123,000 miles on and could not be more pleased. Besides replacing tires and brakes( front rotors one time) the only repairs have been Timing belt, water pump, belts, tune-up with plugs & plug wires and front struts all done at 100,000 miles. Runs as good as new with very little rattle. I did replace the hatch lid struts 2 years ago.I average 24MPH in city driving, 32 on a trip. Love this car. I will run it till it dies. I traded my wife's 2006 Elantra GT in on a 2012 Santa Fe. Don't regret it a bit. Another great vehicle.

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Great car!!

pnpain, 06/09/2013
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We've had our car since (I think) Spring of 2004. It is a great little car! Nearly everything about it is excellent! Pick-up and go is good except for when the AC is on and you are trying to get onto the freeway. The seats are a bit uncomfortable for long trips (2+ hours) though. Our CD player/faceplate is glitchy after all these years. If you press a button (even the off button) too hard it shorts out the faceplate and when you let go it turns back on. Sometimes it simply wont work unless you remove the face plate and put it back on. Our car only has just less than 98,000 miles on it.

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Fine, but too much engine vibration

jjrobert, 02/06/2009
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Maybe I got the lemon, but there's too much engine vibration at 2500 rpm. My rear-view mirror sounds like it's trying to tell me something.

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Simply a Great Buy

Careful Buyer, 06/26/2009
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I researched plenty b4 buying my Elantra because I wanted a problem-free car (a real challenge when buying used). The '04 Elantra is highly rated by many car reviewers. Having owned mine for 6 months and driven 12,000 miles, I want to share how wonderful owning this car has been. I bought this car with 52K mi on it. It is a loaded 5-spd GT Hatch. I like the styling inside and out. I have not had a single mechanical problem. I have had to replace one headlight bulb and it was easy. If the biggest complaint about a car is changing headlight bulbs, common sense told me it is a smart car to buy. And the gas mileage? 35 MPG combined; that's 450 mi b4 the fuel light comes on! Worth every $ I paid.

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Great Car - Better than an Acura

jmmcconnell1962, 03/03/2008
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I have had no problems with this $15,000 car in my 3+ years of ownership which is more than I can say for my $40,000 Acura MDX. Other than the Passenger Airbag Sensor recall, this car has not been in for repairs other than the regular scheduled. The MDX has had several recalls for major items - power steering pump, transmission. Also had a cracked fuel tank pipe. It's really too bad that Hyundai is still getting penalized for being Korean and Acura/Honda gets high praise for being Japanese. I'll buy another Hyundai before a Honda/Acura product.

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