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Better than my 2008 Odyssey!

mapperone, 06/22/2012
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I decided to wait till I had at least 2000 miles on my 2012 Odyssey EX-L before writing a review on it. I test-drove the Honda, Toyota, and Nissan minivans. What I traded in was a 2008 Odyssey EX-L. Here are the Pros and Cons of my new one compared to my old one: Pros…… 1) More comfortable seats. The lower cushions tilt more than the other brands, plus a darker fabric (truffles, a darker grey) is available, which won’t show the dirt as much. 2) Cabin is 2” wider, and the extra room is very helpful when carrying adult passengers. 2nd row holds 3 adults very comfortably. 3) Engine is very smooth and all but silent. 4) Like the trip computer, where gas mileage can be computed for each trip. 5) Like the large, easy-to-read, digital display of the TIME on the monitor screen. 6) Like the standard equipment Bluetooth capability. (NOT on my 2008) 7) Like the ability to load in numerous CD’s into hard drive of the sound system. Saves having to insert and eject CD’s countless times. 8) Minimal vibration in the powertrain. 9) Like the standard power liftgate. (NOT on my 2008) 10) Gas mileage averages 20 mpg in the city and at least 27 on trips. 11) Love the speed-compensated volume control on the sound system. I haven’t had this since my 1998 Chevy Venture LS. 12) Lower suspension noise going over rough pavement. (although sharp bumps come through loud and clear. 13) It tracks well on the Interstates with minimal steering corrections. Cons…… 1) Noticeable wind noise heard around the windshield pillar on the driver’s side at highway speeds on windy days, though it’s not intrusive. Dealer hinted that windshield might have to be re-installed, but they didn’t want to do that. 2) Wind whistle heard on top of driver’s side window at speeds as low as 30 mph, but dealer was able to fix it. 3) Grating sounds heard in rear of cabin when going over uneven road surfaces at slow speeds. (could be the sliding doors. My ’08 Ody made the same noise after 3 years) 4) Miss the storage area under floor, in front of the 2nd row seat. (it’s now mostly taken up by the spare tire)

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Second Time Owner

jvp58, 09/10/2014
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This is my second Odyssey my first was 2010 this one 2012. They both seem to have similar problems with the quality of the front end. I have had the 2012 for 2 yrs now and these are my thoughts. Before I go on let me say that I'm very familiar with how a car works mechanically. With 22,000 miles the van is in the shop for the following problems. Noise in left front, worse in the winter, grinding noise from engine,worse a low idle and strong vibration when applying brakes, worse when on highway. Just received call from service manager and here is the list of things that need to be replaced. Stabilizer links and bushings, Power steering pump, Front brakes and rotors and the two front tires.

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Great comfort and feature sets for a family on the go

happyvan, 01/10/2012
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This is a review after owning the car for 3 wk and 900 miles of driving. The V6 is extremely smooth—when it idles, there is no sound or any sense of vibration, and when pushed, it gives off a nice sporty exhaust note. The engine could use a bit more low end torque but has enough power for passing with a full load. The seating are very comfortable, even after a 300 mile trip. The versatile interior is wonderful to accommodating the need of a family on the go — we have two toddlers in car seats. The fit and finish is very good if you are not too picky. But taking a close look, it is hard to ignore the use of cheap materials in some areas to save cost. I have no QC problems at the moment

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BEST MINIVAN. But NOT perfect...

conniereddy, 03/22/2012
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So, we're at 3k mi. and I LOVE our van!! OVERALL, compared to 2012 Sienna: it looks WAY better, is safer, gets better gas mileage, and has MANY more features standard. My husband ENJOYS driving it (as do I). I think it drives beautifully - not at all like my step-father's minivan. Its controls are reachable (love the steering wheel controls), and the electronics are rather intuitive, I think! That said, it has its design flaws and neither van is worth 35k; so, the value factor just isn't there. Nevertheless, it's the best on the market for the money and we bought it and are VERY happy overall :)

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Just not the same old odyssey!!!!

sadhondaowner, 09/14/2012
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I just recently traded in my 2003 Odyssey for a 2012. If you are considering the Odyssey, I would strongly suggest looking at the Toyota Sienna over the Honda Odyssey! At first we loved the van, but it is very apparent that Honda has compromised it's quality. Within a week of taking delivery of the vehicle it was apparent that the quality of the plastic of the interior trim was poor. We have scuffs and markings from the seat belt retracting. Honda's response is, "sorry that's cosmetic and not covered under warranty". We are also having a recurring loud noise coming from the front end. In all, Honda's quality is no longer what it used to be. There are better options for $40,000!!!!!

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