Used 2018 Honda Clarity Pricing

List Price $33,400 - $36,600
Edmunds Rating
3.5 / 5.0
Consumer Rating

2018 Highlights

After the addition of the Clarity Electric battery electric vehicle in late summer 2017, a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) variant joins for 2018.
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  • Comfortable, well-appointed cabin seats five people
  • Solid driving range in all versions except Clarity Electric
  • Pleasant ride quality in electric and plug-in hybrid versions


  • Polarizing styling
  • Limited availability of all but Clarity Plug-In Hybrid
  • Touchscreen infotainment system can be cumbersome to use

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Our experts like the Clarity models:

Adaptive Cruise Control

Helps maintain a constant vehicle speed and a set following interval behind a vehicle ahead of you and can bring you to a complete stop.
Lane Keeping Assist/Departure Warning

Automatically applies steering to help keep your vehicle in the lane and will alert you if you cross over a lane line without signaling.
Honda LaneWatch

Displays live video of the passenger-adjacent lane using a small camera on the side mirror whenever the right turn signal is used.

Top Consumer Reviews

Read what other owners think about the 2018 Honda Clarity


Consumer Rating

Clarity is perfect for EV living in the country
As enthusiastic owners of an original and a 2005 Prius, we were excited about the prospect of buying a plug-in hybrid to drive back and forth to work each day without having to use gas. We live out in the country in upstate NY, so a Tesla (while attractive) was impractical when it came to going on longer trips and not worrying about finding charging stations. We were initially enthused by the prospects of the Volt, but after driving a 2018 we felt it was a downgrade from our 2005 Prius when it came to noise and comfort, particularly for adult passengers in the rear seat. My wife said the Volt felt like a cheap rental car and the back seat felt like the back of a Volkswagen bug. Next-up was the Prius Prime, which had a lot of the features we loved in our current Prius, but we both could not handle the Little Mermaid fish-faced design. While the Clarity is about as boring looking as an Impreza, it's not ugly. Then, December 8th, there it was - the first Clarity on the Honda lot. It was 15 degrees and snowing when we took it out for a test drive and after a few short minutes on the highway my wife and I looked at each other and said "we love this car." We bought it immediately and talk about how much we love it daily, with no regrets. This is an "adult" car. It's big, it's roomy, and it's super comfortable in every one of the 5 seats. It is so quiet and the sound system is so good, that we are enjoying our music (via CarPlay) at a whole new level. From a driving perspective, it does not feel like a hybrid. It is big, it feels heavy and is a lot more responsive than either of our Prius's. The car is very smart, maybe too smart is some cases (road departure, etc), and gets almost as good mileage when driving naturally as it does when driving in a light touch energy efficient mode. My wife loves the natural feel of the brakes, vs. the aggressive feel of most other regenerative braking systems. We just hit the 1000 mile odometer mark today and we are averaging 86mpg in very low winter temps (-5 to 25), even while running the heat (electric) and seat heaters. Living where and how we live the Clarity seems to be the perfect vehicle for us. I consider us to be picky, technology literate, early adopters and so far the Clarity, while albeit a bit boring looking, makes up for this and more with how it in the driving and riding experience.
The Breakthrough Car - A PHEV with No Compromise
I have resisted by a battery electric vehicle because of the widespread range anxiety. Despite the fact that most of my driving is the short 4-mile trip to and from work, the idea of going through the inconvenience of renting a car for longer trips and the potential of getting stranded after an unpredictable busy day of driving (especially in my cold Minnesota climes where the battery can drain rapidly in sub-zero temps), has prevented me from seriously considering an electric vehicle. I looked briefly at the pricey Chevy Volt but was not willing to step down from the midsize sedan convenience I had become accustomed to. The standard model hybrid versions such as the Accord, Sonata, and Camry all have reduced federal tax credit incentive. I found out about the Clarity by accident. It must be one of the poorest marketed new models in history. Everything I read about it met my requirements and I finally purchased one soon after I could get my hands on it. The experience has been fantastic. It is an Accord-sized sedan with a massive interior and comfortable seating for 5, has an extraordinarily quiet and luxurious interior, has most of the safety features I was looking for (except for the mysteriously missing blind spot detection), and qualified for the full $7,500 tax credit that brought the price down to the range of any mid-size sedan, hybrid or not. The 47-mile range allows for almost all driving to be done in EV mode (I have managed a range over 30 miles in the Northern Minnesota winter, but can see the range increasing as the weather warms). I averaged about 42 mpg on a 300+ mile roundtrip up north (yes - right to the Canadian border), and have only nitpicky complaints so far as I come up on my first 1000 miles in the vehicle. This car is a home run in every way and if it were not for the exceptionally lousy marketing, would be one of the top selling new sedans in America. Get it now before others discover it.
Very comfortable, sporty, fun to plug in
It changes your driving habits because you see the effects of acceleration and braking on energy consumption. I find the lane deviation and braking signals just tell you what you already know. The stereo sounds wonderful. The car is quieter and the ride smoother than my Prius. It is a heavy, low to the ground car, so very stable driving, but breaks a little slower than a lighter car. The power steering is great, the headlights nice and bright. I wanted navigation, hands free calling, which work very well. The Bluetooth connects with my iPad well, but sometimes won’t connect to other things. I also tried inserting a usb drive, which plays apple mp4 as well as mp3. It works wonderfully. It takes 10 hours to charge with 110, but is easy to plug in. And it is great to plug in your car. The mileage is very good. There are three driving settings: economy, normal and sporty. I use normal, which uses a tiny amount of gas to accelerate, but does get you 45 miles on a charge. It’s really a step up from the typical midsize sedan. My husband wants my car. Mpg is difficult to interpret because it is based only on gasoline used.