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2015 Honda Civic: 5 Things to Know Video

  • Here are 5 Things to Know about the 2015 Honda Civic:

    1. The Civic is available as a sedan and as a coupe, along with high-performance Si versions of both, and more eco-friendly versions of the sedan including a hybrid and a natural gas version.

    2. Most Civics will leave the dealer lot with a 143-horsepower four-cylinder. Acceleration is modest and you may be annoyed by its continuously variable automatic transmission, but fuel economy is among the class best at 33 mpg combined.

    3. The ride is one of the most comfortable and composed in the compact sedan segment. Handling is precise, but it lacks the fun, responsive character of past Civics and some competitors.

    4. You get an abundance of features for your money, including a standard rearview camera. We're not fans of the touchscreen interface standard on most trims, though, and cabin materials quality is worse than many rivals.

    5. There's not much compact about the Civic Sedan's interior. Its backseat is arguably the most comfortable and spacious in the segment. The coupe's is just about useless, though, which is a big reason we don't recommend that body style.

    We gave the Honda Civic Sedan and Si models an A rating. The coupe gets a B. Make sure to read its full review and consider its fellow top-rated compact cars: the Mazda 3, Kia Forte, Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus.

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