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Great Automobile

mlstove, 12/11/2010
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Bought the car with 28K miles in 2000 and still drive this car daily with now 228K!! In fact, the car went the past two years without anything but oil changes until it was time to replace the timing belt again. It is amazing the clutch hasn't needed replaced, nor has any other major item engine wise other than a starter over the years. CV joints went out at 180K, and the wheel bearings are getting close now. My wife drives and 07 sedan and my stock radio is a nicer system. I think the brakes on this car are better than the 07! And it survived a collision with a 6-point buck this year and all I needed was a headlight and a hood!

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SO SO sad to say goodbye...

Lori O, 10/30/2002
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I bought this car as a 25th b-day to myself new and yesterday we traded it in for a later model Accord. I didn't realize how great it was till it was time to say goodbye... I never had a problem with it, my only complaint was that I didn't think it was great in the rain (tended to hydroplane, maybe it was the manual transmission...) and felt the brakes weren't as powerful as they could've been. We were looking at other cars, but realized you can NEVER NEVER go wrong w/a Honda!!! The only day it didn't start was when it needed a new battery (74K miles)!!!

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Blue's car:( ~~you were so good to me~~

blueskeye, 11/15/2006
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I just can't say enough about the Honda. From the day I bought it, until last week, Nov2nd,06,(265k mi) it was sooo good to me, fun to drive, got me back and forth comfortably to work, and back and forth on many trips to Florida:) and other places,dependably, safely...where is it now? at the collision shop, the rear bumper & trunk smashed in while I and GF were at a complete stop, the 2007 Audi SUV plowed into the back of it, at approx 35 mph, he didn't even brake! We were only minorly hurt (I hope, not all the test results are back yet), the unibody design, and the correct crumple zones did what they were supposed to do. the Adjuster considered it "A Total Loss"...I say it is NOT a total loss

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I just can't believe!

drewish, 11/28/2010
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Well, I purchased this car a month ago after selling my truck (couldn't afford the gas) and have been pleasantly surprised. I bought it for 1200 dollars with 150k on the clock. I was hoping for the four door, but ended up with the coup. With a four year old in the car I was amazed by the roominess of the interior. Power Windows are a problem but parts, including aftermarket performance parts, are incredibly inexpensive. Watch the speedometer gauge as they are electronic and tend to break. Overall this car is excellent.

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Not if you're looking for power

dolphin girl, 02/04/2003
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This car is very pretty, and needs to be maintained on a regular basis. The body is way too heavy for the engine and you can feel it struggle. It has lots of trunk space for big speakers.Car people will love this car because it is a hands on car. The alignment, sparkplugs, brakes etc. need to be dealt with.

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