Luggage Space is Just OK - 2010 Honda Crosstour Long-Term Road Test

2010 Honda Crosstour Long-Term Road Test

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2010 Honda Crosstour: Luggage Space is Just OK

August 26, 2010

Crosstour luggage capacity.JPG

Our long-term 2010 Honda Accord Crosstour has decent luggage space. Decent, not great.

The Crosstour has a commendably low liftover height of just 28", but with the rear seat up I was able to get only one 29" international suitcase inside along with 2 mid-sized roll-on bags.

If you fold down the rear seats with the clever pull-levers in the cargo area, the situation isn't much better: the wheelwell/shock tower covers intrude on the cargo capacity big-time.

Loading long items in the cargo area with the seat down seems to be one of the few advantages of the Crosstour over the Accord sedan.

That and the awesome styling, of course.

Crosstour luggage with seat down.JPG

Albert Austria, Senior Engineer @ 11, 470 miles

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