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Prepare for service!

gmtruckman, 08/15/2011
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Very comfortable vehicle but many, many problems with all the little sensors plus the 5.3 liter motor has a major defect and burns oil. GM says 1 quart per 2,000 miles is okay but after 80,000 miles it burns double that. It will even fail inspection for a lean cylinder due to the oil consumption. The services stabilitrack / traction control will also pop on for you on multiple occasions. The tires monitoring system always needs to be reset, the cruise control works only when it wants too and the vehicle used allot of fuel. They say 13c/19hwy but on average you get 14.9 total.

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Traded Expedition and love this SUV!

Trish, 01/08/2007
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I had two Expeditions before getting the Denali XL. The first Expedition (pre 2003 model) was great. The next Expedition was awful! Which makes the Denali look that much better! I love the space (Expedition lacked terribly), love the look, love the package (I got it loaded out), love everything about it (except of course the MPG... but was expected!). If you are looking for a wonderful SUV that is large enough to take a family of 5 (3 boys and mom and dad) on vacation yet nimble enough to park in the Walmart parking lot, this is it! Can't give it enough praise!

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Nice Engine!

Pinchme, 02/01/2010
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Just traded our 06 Denali in for the 07, loved the new body style just couldn't afford it in 07. We had few problems with the 06 so had no reservations about buying another one. The 07 is great (haven't had it long)...the engine is even more powerful than previous one...and I raved about that one. The passing gear is amazing. Exhaust bellow is music to my ears. Domestic build quality always leaves something to be desired when compared to imports...but that's always the case. Fuel eco is great considering the near 400 hp engine and massive vehicle size, its better than my Nissan Titan. If your looking for a serious people mover I would highly recommend looking at these.

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Oil Consumption & loss of pressure - Recall - Don't Buy

57mechanic, 04/22/2011
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In a nutshell, I'll advise anyone considering purchasing a GM truck with their 5.3 liter aluminum block to stay away. GM doesn't acknowledge the consumption problem & will not rectify it. "Sorry, but until it uses a quart every 1200 miles, it's considered normal." Since brand new, we religiously change oil & filter at 3,000 miles & have records to prove it. It began at 15,000 miles with "low oil level" alarm. Now.....1.5 quarts every 3,000 miles. Low oil alarm comes on anytime, anywhere but more frequent during freeway driving. Problem #2, "low oil pressure-turn off engine" oil pressure gauge goes to zero. Anytime, anywhere! What a nightmare! We are scared to leave the city with it.

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Great Fun Car!

lulu, 01/13/2007
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Purchased this car on 01/02/07 to replace our 2001 Suburban LT 4x4. Demo with 1000 miles on it. Immediately drove from SF Bay area to Lake Tahoe for a week's vacation. Remote start was unbelievable. Start the car from the house, 10 minutes later, the car is warmed up, heat on full, heated seats on, etc. Such a pleasure! Kids love the DVD with wireless headsets, mom can listen to her music, too! Handles the mountain altitude extremely well - the 6-speed automatic really shifts smoothly on the steep inclines. Much better than the 'Burb. Poor FM reception and distance. Great XM radio, but we need road conditions, etc.

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2007 GMC Yukon XL

donewithgms, 02/23/2012
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This is a nice looking SUV, but that is one of the only good things i can say. Bought mine brand new, and have numerous ongoing problems. Excessive oil consumption, throttle body problems, and battery issues. The dealers and GM don't know how to fix many of the issues. GM customer support is useless unless the truck is still under warranty. They won't even help the dealer solve the problem. This is not the SUV to buy for reliability or long term.

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Gets better more we drive it

mm, 09/02/2006
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We purchased '07 Denali XL as a replacement for BMW X5. For us, this car offered best combination of luxury, performance, and price. Interior design and trim are outstanding, 6.2L V8 is responsive and quiet, and suspension is soft, without sacrificing handling performance. Turning radius of this car is actually amazing, given its size. Right after break-in period, we are getting about 17.5-18 mpg on highway (driving between 70 and 75 mph, with 3 adults and 3 kids and some luggage, mostly flat road, AC cooling off 100F outside to 71F inside). Day to day mix of highway and city gives us around 14mpg. Compared to X5, this is about 1 less on highway - 2 in city, but w/ cheaper gas

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Fun to drive

Nautique454, 07/17/2010
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I've owned a 2005 Tahoe Z71 4X4, a 2005 Suburban LT and now that I've owned this one, I'll never go back to anything less. The 6.2 L engine sounds awesome and performs to match. The fit and finish are much better than the previous design. A blast to drive and a lot of room.

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LARRYH, 05/22/2006
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This is our third Yukon second Denali and it's great. Its drivability, style,accesories and comfort are exceptional. My wife bought it for me for mothers day and we have driven it everyday since. It has plenty of power, handles bumpy roads with the smoothness of our Lexus. The interior with the XM radio makes you want to just sit in the car. We were discussing putting in a DVD and sit in the back and watch a movie but it did not come with popcorn. seriously very happy with this vehicle.

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Another oil burner

linkowski, 05/12/2011
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I love my Yukon. However, it has been burning oil for about 3 years now. Three years ago I took it to my original dealership who told me that it was normal (with a straight face!). They refused to do anything. Fast forward to 96000 miles, took it to a Chevy dealership who listened to me and said they have had this problem. Next Monday it's going in to have the "shields" put in. I am still worried. GM customer service told me they didn't know anything about any problems, that the dealership handles all of this. I know they know, but as long as they can deny it, they will. Will post again when it is allegedly fixed. Very very unhappy with GM's response.

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