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2002 GMC Sierra 2500HD

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2500HD 4x4 6.0L

joel, 08/20/2008
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I really love this truck. I call it "big truck". I don't like the gas mileage, aprox 13 mpg but what could I expect. It definilety has the pulling power, and the acceleration that I would want. I drove a couple of F-250's and I just didn't like the ride quality as much as I do this truck. I'm very happy with this truck

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Good truck

drenski, 09/18/2014
4dr Crew Cab SLE 4WD SB (6.0L 8cyl 4A)
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I've owned this older Duramax SLT 4x4 truck for over a year now and it has been pretty good. The only issues I've had with this truck that are not operator caused are I had a few bearings go out in the belt pullies, alternator bit the dust and the Hydroboost had to be replaced. All of these I was able to do myself with minimal effort. There were some other things that needed repair but those were not the truck's fault. It IS an older truck. Everything else seems to be fine. The engine is strong and the Allison tranny works great. I'm overall happy with the truck. I just wish the cab was a bit more polished. I bought the truck to pull and it does it well. Follow up review. The truck is still chugging along just fine. I had a rear drive shaft seal where it goes into the diff, go bad. Also, I forgot to change my fuel filter which caused the truck to perform a bit poorly however, after looking over the forums and remembering I needed to change it, the truck now drives good. Other than that, it hasn't changed. Things are good. 191k miles. Follow up review. I sold the truck a year ago. A few months before that I had to replace the ball joints which cost me over $1000. Ouch! I then noticed it started to blow some black smoke when shifting down while towing the trailer. I read many forums stating that blowing the smoke was normal and some said it was abnormal. The exhaust system is stock as far as I know. The truck seemed to run fine and was as strong as ever. I became a bit worried about having to replace the injectors. This, along with the possible need for a steering box replacement and a few other nickel dime things caused me to make the decision to sell it and put the possible "fix it" money towards a new (to me) truck. I think it was about 195k on the miles.

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What a TRUCK!

Huck BB62, 06/04/2002
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If you haven't driven a new GM heavy duty, you're in for a shock. The thing is super quiet inside. I've got the upgraded interior and it's very very plush. The 6.0 is a forceful engine and delivers in spades. It is a very capable truck off road and on long trips, it's real pleasure. A long inspection of the underside and underhood of this truck reveals a ton of thoughtful engineering and plain old brawn. Not ONE factory assembly error has been found on my truck. If it got stolen tomorrow, I'll be back down to the same dealer to get one just like it.

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great performance

hobackj, 09/01/2009
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I just recently purchased a 2002 GMC 2500hd Duramax diesel. It is a very dependable truck. It will pull any trailer that I need it to pull and if it doesn’t, a power chip can always be added for increase in horsepower and torque. This year and newer comes with the either a 6-speed or the automatic Allison transmission, both are great for pulling or just for driving, depending on what the owner mainly does with it. Without a chip this truck can get up to 18mph which is pretty good for a ¾ ton truck. Along with performing good this truck is also roomy with either the extended cab 4 door or the full 4 door versions. Another good thing about a diesel is that if they are taken care of they can ru

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One Big Truck

Paul Harrison, 09/04/2003
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This is my dream truck. 12 MPG City/16 Highway - no better even with Mobil 1. The 6.0L is fine for commuting, racing punks in Civics and hauling stuff from Lowe's. It does work hard to tow a 6,000 lb. camper. The 6.0L is a revver not a torquer. If you do more than occasional towing, the Duramax is the choice for you. The 8.1L gets 9 MPG so think carefully before making that choice. It hauls 2 tons, that's right, 2 tons of gravel without squatting or skipping a beat. The OEM Bridgestone tires wore out at 45K and because it has to work to tow a moderate trailer, I gave it a 9. It is a monster to park, especially in a parking garage so Fun to Drive is a 9.

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