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RICKJOAN, 05/26/2008
2dr Hatchback
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Bought this car from my boss and it had just turned 100,000 mi. I am an auto mechanic for over 40 years experience. When i first go the car it was hard to get used the the engine vibration. It was a peppy little car. I ended up going to Michigan twice and both times checked the gas mileage coming back and could not believe the gas mileage i got. At 70 mph with a/c on i averaged 51 to 56 miles per gallon. Around town i averaged 48 to 50. Have has almost no maintenance just water pump, timing belt.

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The Green Machine

Gooseman, 01/21/2004
LSi 4dr Hatchback
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My geo has proven to be an exceptional vehicle for me. Not only do I get fantastic gas milage, but the amount of time that I have to put in for repairs is almost zero. I have owned my geo for about 4 years, and the most money that I have invested in it was for new tires, which are hard to come by b/c they are only 12's. But it handles better on the snow, water, and out in the heat better than any older used car that I have owned. Being a married college student, this car has been a lifesaver in saving me a whole lota dough. Gooseman

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Excellent car

Gypsy, 08/21/2002
2dr Hatchback
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I bought this car 8 years ago, and it now has over 150,000 miles on it. Replaced tires, radiator, and some exhaust parts that rusted, other than that, it has NEVER failed me. Excellent gas mileage & I have a feeling it will rust out under me before the engine dies. The only thing really cheap about it is the parts in the driver side window that break occasionally (had to fix twice)& the plastic molding on the hatchback (the pins fell out & the plastic piece came off)

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1993 Geo Metro Conve, 10/04/2006
LSi 2dr Convertible
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I just bought this car and love it. It runs well, a little slow up hills. The air conditioner needs to be fixed, but no rust, body in great & clean condition. I have had this for 1 week and so far so good. It is cute, sporty and fun. Needs a new back window, and the motor makes a little noise. But runs great.

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45 to 50 mpg

45 to 50 mpg, 08/08/2005
2dr Hatchback
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I own a 93 standard geo metro hatchback with the 5 speed, I was hoping it would do a little better on fuel economy as compared to the xfi which I was told used a different computer, I have no idea what the differences are on the 2 cars. If you own a geo, be sure to have the catalytic convertor changed out as these over a period of time will cause burned valves. The motor is easy to work on, starter is a little hard to get to. When replacing the head I've found it to be much easier to bolt the intake on first then bolt the head to the motor then bolt the exhuast up next. I've managed 45 to 50 mpg by coasting to a stop sign or red light along with keeping the speed limit to 60 mph. Good cars.

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