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My Tempo is money saver

really nice car, 06/17/2008
GL 2dr Coupe
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Hey, I got 94 Tempo and it's a great car. I dont see why people dont like it. Great on gas. Believe it or not but I get 37 to 42 mpg with my coupe. As long as you treat it nice it will treat you nice!

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Not Bad At All

C Mor, 04/04/2007
GL 2dr Coupe
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I got my Tempo from my Grandpa for free. It was my Grandma's but she barely drove it. When I got it July of last year, it had 44,500 miles on it and is only at 50,100 miles. The body is almost mint except for the few small dings from the parking lot. It sat on a gravel driveway for almost 7 years, only being driven a couple of times a month. Because of that, it's very rusty under the hood and chassis, but everything works pretty well. It has all of the original parts except the battery, brakes, and tires and everything seems to be holding up fairly well. Not too many complaints here except for the fact it's a Ford and it's old

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Dave, 12/09/2006
GL 2dr Coupe
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This car is trouble. I've replaced 4 tie rod ends within a year and a half and three ball joints within the last three months. It had a run-in with a hit-and-run driver and I had to replace the grille and headlight area. This car was designed by a moron: it took an hour to replace the grille (compared with 10 minutes for my 92 Buick Skylark). Inside it's OK. Fuel: I got about 26 mpg when the tires were aligned and the ball joints and tie rods were OK and it wasn't burning through mass air flow sensors. Don't save the money or the gas. Also, the driver's side seatbelt stopped moving on its track and had to be replaced. In short, don't get this car.

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my tempo sucks

Pudge, 04/14/2003
GL 2dr Coupe
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THe first thing ford should have done is put a 4-speed automatic in the car. The car sucks on the highway and it sucks for passing people. Interior is ugly and uncomfortable. extierior is a cheap ripp off of the mustang (front end) Not the best car in my book.

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1994 Ford Tempo

Jadecage, 09/30/2003
GL 2dr Coupe
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Nine years is the longest I've ever owned a car and my Tempo never let me down in all that time; however the cost of repairs recently has made me decide that I didn't want to go through another Michigan winter with it. It was time for a new car so I'm donating it to charity where I hope someone else can make good use of the life that's left in it. I'll be saying my goodbyes to it tomorrow so I'm feeling particularly sentimental right now. Emotions aside, I've always had reliable cars with Ford and my Tempo lasted the longest and gave me many great times across long distances. I'm going to miss it very much.

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