2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid - Edmunds Ratings

2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid Base (2.5L 4-cyl. Hybrid CVT Automatic)
Date Driven: 9/20/2011
Performance With a combined 191 hp from the electric motor and the 2.5-liter inline-4 engine, the Ford Fusion Hybrid isn't fast, but the CVT makes good use of the electric torque. Car feels faster than it is.
Driving Dynamics The Fusion Hybrid has springy steering, low-rolling resistance tires and soft springs. It's made for comfort and fuel economy, not for impressive driving dynamics.
Ride Comfort Ride comfort is a strength of the Fusion Hybrid. Large road imperfections can disrupt the vehicle but most are soaked up by the suspension and never felt by the driver.
Quietness There is a noticeable amount of engine noise from the Fusion Hybrid, plus some tire and wind noise at freeway speeds. You can also expect the usual assortment of faint whirs and clicks that are typical of strong hybrids like this.
Ergonomics The center console is littered with small buttons and a large Sync screen. The steering wheel controls are not intuitive. The whole thing takes some time to get used to, but generally works very well.
Visibility The 2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid we tested has blind-spot mirrors, a rear-camera and rear parking sensors making parking and merging maneuvers in this car very easy. Long hood and a high trunk would be problematic without aids.
Seat Access & Space Large, flat seats offer a ton of space for larger or taller drivers. Lack of a telescoping steering wheel in this segment is a misstep.
Cargo & Storage The hybrid's battery takes up valuable cargo space and prevents the rear seats from folding flat.
Build Quality The Fusion Hybrid is solidly built with no squeaks or rattles, tight tolerances and good quality materials. There are softer leathers on the market, but these hold up well.

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