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Stan, 11/16/2018
XLT Lariat 2dr Extended Cab 4WD LB (5.8L 8cyl naturally aspired 5M)
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This is a great truck. I've had it since 2005 and I bought it from a guy who used it to tow his camper and boat. He bought his wife an Expedition and suddenly he didn't need this big truck. It's automatic, 4-wheel drive, H D Suspension, dual tanks and the 460 c.i. engine. it drives great. The mileage is awful at 10 mpg but since I don't drive it much anymore that's fine. I bought it to get to work when it snowed and now I use it to run to home depot and back since I retired. The steering gear box had a leak when I bought it. It's been replaced and it still leaks but it's only a tiny drip and I've learned to put up with it. The tank changing switch on the dash quit and I had to have it towed home. It seemed no one in the country had a replacement switch for it but the place down the street had one for a 1991 F-250. It was the same switch but with a slightly different mounting bracket. I installed it and put the wires on it and it has worked beautifully ever since. No more fuel problems. However one day I turned the key and the mechanism within the steering column made of cast aluminum broke into several pieces. For more than a year I just pushed a threaded rod to start the truck. Then I engineered the key to turn the geared mechanism to push down the threaded rod that pushed the ignition switch. That's worked great ever since. Also one day I was at the parts store when the truck refused to start. I had them put a battery in it which got me home but the alternator was not charging the battery. I replaced it but that still didn't solve the problem. Turns out a previous owner had installed a device that would route power from the alternator to a second battery in the truck bed, probably for a camper. That had shorted out. I wired around it and that solved the problem. Good thing it was time for a new battery and an alternator anyway. I've kept the oil, filters and belts changed. I finally changed spark plugs after 12 years with the truck. It has over 141,000 miles on it. Starts every time and doesn't use any oil between changes. However at some point it has been in an accident and the hood and front right fender were repainted. The hood paint came off in the car wash and I need to get the whole truck repainted. I'll take care of that one day. I do have a camper shell on the truck which limits my rear view mirror vision. So for less than $50 I put a camera on my bumper and a screen in the left corner of my dash. I turn it on with a switch on the dash and I now have not only a back up camera but also a rear view mirror when I need it. I love my 250. I had a new 150 for a few years and it just couldn't handle what I needed to do with it. It was an 86 model and it probably never made it to the new century. This 250 will probably still be going when the next century gets here. As of November 2018 she is still going strong. She's 30 years old now and the next license plate (and insurance) will reflect that. The 460 c.u. engine starts every time and when it snows it gets me anywhere I need to go. I've got 4 all terrain tiles on it and it looks good except for the hood. It really needs a paint job but when I get some money I'll probably get the whole truck repainted. It's an off-white that I have really grown fond of. Even thinking about putting a fifth wheel hitch in it and buying a fifth wheel camper trailer but with the age of the truck I'll just keep the trips short. Then when affordable I can get a newer truck to tow the trailer and keep this one for home depot and trash runs. It still carries a 4x8 sheet of plywood flat on the floor. I love that. It looks good and runs good. It sits up high and although hard to climb into it's so easy to get under and work on. An oil change is a snap. Rated at 210 HP its not really fast but seems to pull the hills with no problem. Never had a trailer behind it but the previous owner purchased it to pull a huge boat and a huge camper with the bumper hitch. So I know it could do that job if I needed to. Anyway if you can find one at a good price go for it.

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