Our Favorite Caption - 2012 FIAT 500 Long-Term Road Test

2012 FIAT 500 Long Term Road Test

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2012 Fiat 500 Sport: Our Favorite Caption

February 21, 2012


Thanks to technetium99 for our favorite caption.

Here are the others that lit our fire:

America's two biggest duds. (bmwrxsti)
That thing is going to rip everything Abarth. (questionlp)
The Italian Bomb (ergsum)
I think they're taking the Pop trim a bit too seriously here. (revn)
unMatched performance (snipenet)
Sending Jenny to a far away block. (blueprint1)
Fiat 500 ACME pkg. (blueprint1)
The Rigatoni Rocket (jmk261)
A lot of bang for a few dead presidents! (ergsum)
Fiat 500 alot of BANG for your buck (gsxrbean)
Spaghetti Western (snipenet)
Not all its cracked up to be. (pengwin)
I said that we might dyno test it, not dynamite test it! (ergsum)
Cinquecento meets Ottocento.... (lmbvette)
I remember them being smaller in my day. (aleclance)
Leave the Firecrackers, take the cannolis... (jmk261)
Objects are smaller than they appear. (mnorm1)
FIAT 500 with the new M800 package. Just the thing for explosive acceleration! (zman24)
Catrinel Menghia gets some competition from a redheaded bombshell. (teampenske3)
What does this photo and Donna have in common? They are both Italian bombshells. (ergsum)
If someone lights that fuse, even Tony won't be able to Fix It Again.... (technetium99)
Fire It Again, Tony. (kain77)
Napolean Dynamite meets Napolean BlownAbarth (noburgers)

What was your favorite?

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Thanks for playing.

Donna DeRosa, Managing Editor

  • Full Review
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  • Road Tests (6)
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