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jtdupuis, 08/14/2014
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Bought this car brand new in 2009. I have had the transmission replaced once, I am on my third set of brakes and fourth set of tires. I just ate the cost to replace the motor mount, and now I am having problems with the starter. Needless to say, I will never ever ever ever by a Chrysler-brand vehicle again. I can understand having a finnicky vehicle, but this is too much. Almost $6,500 in repairs and maintenance in 5 years...mostly repairs. I'll never buy Dodge again.

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ccknezevich, 10/22/2014
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So I read the reviews before I bought my 2009 Dodge Journey in May of 2012. I have had this car now for 2 1/2 years and it seems there is always an issue. Multiple batteries, changing the brakes nearly every 10,000 miles, tires are awful, I have had to replace some type of wheel sensor, the key fob doesn't always works so sometimes my car won't crank right away. Electrical problems where the alarm goes off and takes a while to make it stop. This car has been a nightmare.. not to mention, the value. I still owe 15k and it's not even worth 9k. It loses so much value every year.. and for good reason. If you buy this vehicle after reading this review.. don't say you weren't warned!

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lettau, 02/12/2013
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Don't buy this car. check engine light came on three times in one month, wiring harness replaced twice, window components, starter and then 2 weeks later the rack and pinion went. Chrysler won't do a thing about it. don't buy this car. I went back to dealer and they wouldn't help either.

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melted spark plugs

Todd, 05/18/2016
SE 4dr SUV (2.4L 4cyl 4A)
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This is my parents car. 1rst problem as with many other vehicles it's the first model year. biggest issue happened while driving them on a moderate trip (a few hundred mile round trip) the car started losing power. All gauges read fine. Eventually the check engine light came on so I got off the highway and pulled into a garage. the mechanic plugged in and checked the codes. Computer showed a misfire on cyl. 2. When he tried to pull the plug it would not come out. After some effort on his part it finally came out. To our surprise the end of the plug was melted away (gone, no electrode, nothing). He checked the other plugs which were fine. After cleaning the threads he put in new plugs and cleared the codes (all 1 of them). Car started and ran fine. A few weeks later it happened again. But this time 2 plugs were melted away and a 3rd showing damaged. They took it to the dealer, who said it was caused by overheating and stated that it would not be covered due to abusive driving, saying they should have shut the car down when the temp gauge went up. Only problem their is that the temp gauge never went up to show overheating nor did the check engine light come on until the plugs were already damaged. {Now for why, the cooling system has 2 thermostats an upper and a lower. The upper regulates the temperature of the head and the lower for the heater and the rest of engine. The upper thermostat went bad and stuck in the closed position, problem here is that the computer only has a sensor for the lower thermostat and the same goes for the temp gauge.} We called dodge and they were sticking to the dealers diagnosis and cause. In the end I had to have a new/used engine in. I explained the issue to the garage that did the work (obviously not the dealer {Browns of Greenfield, MA} and they seem confused or thought I was until I picked it up. They saw what I was talking about and agreed on the poor engineering/design. Buyer Beware.

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09 Journey probs

jhernandez5, 06/13/2013
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Has anyone found a solution to why the Journey doesnt restart after its been parked? All I hear is maybe the Shifer, IOD fuse, some thing electrical. I recently purchased a used Journey 09, in Chicago, one week later it didnt want to start. Same thing like others, key in, lights, radio good, but no turnover. Not even a choke. Wait about 20 min then it starts. Put in Nuetral, then back to park then turn key and it starts up, sometimes. What is the SOLUTION?

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