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False Advertising

by wizardwg on 03/17/2017

I found a car I wanted for a good price. I talked to the saleslady and have everything set up to go test drive. I drove 2 hours to get there, take the car for a test drive. I sit there for 2 hours doing paperwork while they look at my trade in. After 2 hours, they tell me there was a mistake in the advertised price, that it's actually $8,000 more. They offered to knock it down $1000. Obviously, I was not happy because I took off work, drove all the way there, and when it was all done, spent 6 hours of my time. I asked the manager if he could do any better on the price, and he said no because he had almost that much into it. He would still be making a profit and couldn't even give it to me at cost for wasting my time. I told him everything I went through and not in so many words, told me sucks to be you. If a dealership can't stand behind the price THEY advertise, why would I think they will stand behind their cars. Be careful when you shop here because the actual cost might be higher than the advertised price.

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sales Rating

Easiest Sale Gone Bad

by USMC_Veteran on 04/06/2016

I did my research and knew exactly what vehicle I wanted to purchase. I got my pre-approval from my bank and decided to start test driving vehicles. This dealership unfortunately blew a sale due to poor communication, salesmanship and customer service. The worse part is that I gave them a second opportunity to correct themselves. The old saying fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice... I contacted this dealership through USAA car buying services and was forwarded to a salesman named Cameron. Initially, the process was easy. I got there, he made a copy of my license and gave my wife and I the keys. Car drove great but there was some big cosmetic discrepancies. I asked about the dealership addressing these and I was offered $50 less than asking price (set price off USAA $47,745 - dealership offer $47,695). Please note there was a missing headrest, back seat panel destroyed and piss-poor auto detailing as there was still food, trash and pet hairs in several compartments. I had declined the offer and started my search elsewhere. I found out I had a family member work within Carousel Motor group and was told I should ask about the family/friends discount. (emailed Cameron - no response) I ended up talking to a salesman at their sister location and was told I should contact corporate. I emailed and got a response within minutes which followed up with a call from the dealership GM. Had a good conversation and he asked me to go back to the dealership and see if we could work something out. We did and was set to sign the papers to complete the purchase. Unfortunately they sent me back to Cameron. Who purposely held me there for over 45 minutes well knowing I was not going to be able to walk off the lot that day with the vehicle (it was a Saturday and car was going to detailing Monday and pick up for Tuesday). During this time, he may have spent 2 minutes talking to me and had one form for me to complete. The final straw was when I asked about the remote start and when he found out the vehicle didn't have it, he said it was a "typo" and walked off. No explanation, no apology or anything. I even showed him the posting online and REMOTE STARTER was listed 3rd on the itemization. I ended up emailing corporate to give them my thoughts and got another call from the GM. He did offer to install a remote starter but by this time I was done. If only the dealership reflected their upper management. Not only was I preapproved but also should have been part of the family/friends network. If this is how they treat family/friends, I feel sorry for the other regular customers. Sorry but I'll pay more elsewhere for being treated as a second rate customer.

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sales Rating

Great salesperson, great dealer.

by invicta on 08/25/2011

We had a great experience at Coon Rapids Dodge, Chrylser, Jeep. We purchased a new Durango Citadel from James SR. Great dealership and great customer service, we had picked out a color and model that they did not have in stock so they located it and were able to get it for us.

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