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Quick autoarmor!

by tpoez28 on 01/30/2018

Purchased the autoarmor service along with the new vehicle, had it installed today. It was a very quick process and the waiting room was very well kept and comfortable. The car looks amazing and now has the great presence of autoarmor!

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sales Rating

Excellent experience

by Jess1986 on 07/20/2017

Mike casey was our salesman he was very patient and great to work with. Would definitely recommend him to friends and family!

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Stay away

by unhappybuyer9 on 07/11/2017

Pushy [non-permissible content removed] salesmen that can't keep their words. [non-permissible content removed] salesmen that don't know anything about the cars on the lot. Mafia-like management. Treating customers like liars with regards to the car's value/cost. A "can do" attitude, but with an underlying manipulative and "no go" attitude Dealership holds ridiculous expectations for customers, but not vice-versa Turned out the car had a bad exhaust leak w/ a modified exhaust. Didn't realize they could sell a car ESPECIALLY A MALFUNCTIONING AFTERMARKET PART. Just shows again how much they didn't know about the car. Car was also covered in sticky lines (it had to have been wrapped previously or something similar). They couldn't detail it before sale? [non-permissible content removed] Held on to my old car keys the entire transaction, probably to delay us leaving if the deal didn't happen. Put in long screws (as opposed to bolts) to hold the temporary tags and ended up puncturing the front bumper. Took over a week to catch an inspection error-typo, delaying the processing/mailing of my permanent tags. No accommodation (the soda machines and fidget spinner for my child do not count as accommodation).

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Hold on to your wallett and go to a different dealer

by BmoreGuy on 07/07/2017

I ended up purchasing a car from a different Honda Dealership. These are the kind of people you fear when buying a car. When I got to the dealership there was a $1,600 accessory package added to the cost of the car. They tried to tell me 90% of dealers have a similar set up on their new cars. 1) this is not true. Yes some accessories are on new cars that you are not aware of ahead of time (ask when discussing prices before going to actually buy), but nothing to the extent of what they added 2) the prices on the accessories were clearly pumped up significantly, to the point of gouging. Much higher than if you bought each accessory separately from there own service department after the sale 3) Finally, they didn't even have the car in stock, so if they were going to tread with another dealer for it, why would they still charge for these when they don't know what is on the car? Just stay away...even if the base price look better, your overall cost when working with these people is not. I can't even imagine what it would have been like to sit with their F & I Manager! The only upside is their larger inventory

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