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Irvine BMW is Amazing!!!!
Written by jgarcianjg on 05/23/2013
First and foremost, Jason D. our Client Advisor of Irvine BMW is amazing!! The level of customer service at Irvine BMW is superb! Our experience started with the parts department and Shaun B. Our 2004 325i was not running well and I wanted to do the repairs myself. Shaun helped me realize that maybe that wasn't the best course of action. He suggested that I get the car diagnosed before spending money on parts that I may not have needed. Shaun informed me of a potential, rather expensive repair that my car may need doto my engine being a SULEV (low emissions vehicle) engine. Now, Shaun could have simply sold me the parts and I would have been off on my way but he actually took the time to explain to me all that he knew about my car. After speaking with Shaun, we decided to leave our car to be diagnosed. The service department was our next stop where we met Kayla. Kayla helped to guide us through what was going to happen once we left our car. She let us know that she we would be our main contact through the whole process and if we had any concerns to not hesitate to call. She even supplied us with a loaner so that we had something to drive while our car was being worked on. The following day, I received a call from Kayla about our car. The car needed a camshaft sensor replaced which they believed was the start of our problems. She let me know that the part would be replaced but there was a possibility that a smoke test would also be needed but they wouldn't know till after the sensor was replaced. We agreed to the repair. The following day, Kayla called to inform us that they went ahead and did the smoke test free of charge because the repair did not solve the problem and found that it was the catalytic converter. The cost of the repair was $4000 dollars. My wife and I were pretty upset with this news since the car really wasn't worth the cost of the repair. Kayla could hear the despair in our voice and suggested we come down and see if they could help us. Kayla was incredible. Kayla referred us to Annachai whom was amazing with my wife. She was very compassionate and caring. After gathering more details she connected us with Jason D. Jason was determined and focused on helping us with our situation. Jason swiftly helped us, he was kind, sincere, and we felt we could really trust in him. He helped us with our paperwork and gave us our options. We are very satisfied with our beautiful 2009 328i BMW. Above all we were left with a heartfelt experience. It is not everyday that you find customer service like we received at Irvine BMW and specifically with Jason. Everyone was kind and helpful not only to my wife and I but also to our 7 year old little boy. Jason made our son comfortable too as well as the rest of the staff. Andrew in Finance was also very helpful and quick with the paperwork process. We highly recommend Irvine BMW if you are in the market for a vehicle. Ask for Jason because he is awesome! John and Michelle
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