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Horrible Customer Service- Run Away!

byBBooth2018on 04/26/2018

After a 6-hour long car buying visit (I literally test drove 1 car but it took that long to actually complete the agreement), the inefficiency continued with the paperwork 3 days later when my car actually arrived on the lot. I needed to get the plates from my trade in and THAT became an issue that took another 4 days to resolve. My temporary tags expire and I go in the next day, asking for my new plates, thinking someone perhaps just forgot to call. I'm told Alice, the person in charge of plates, is in a meeting (happening at the front desk) and I should wait for her. After listening to their "meeting" for 15 minutes, I go up to the front desk again to ask politely how much longer it might be and Alice looks at me and says, "I'll get them when I'm done." I have an appointment, so I leave and am called 30 minutes later to come pick them up. I ask to speak to Alice to discuss the customer service (why did my plates expire with no call, especially since they were in the store; that dismissive and rude comment) and she doesn't call me back. I go in the next day to get the plates and ask to speak to a manager. I'm told to wait and 30 minutes later the front desk clerk comes over to say "I'm sorry, I forgot: he's not here today." I was FLOORED and yet, sadly, not actually surprised. "I'd like to speak to whomever's in charge." "Sure, sure." I continue to wait for 15 more minutes before being told he's incredibly busy because he's the only one on the floor who can make decisions and she's just not sure when he might be available....I watch her write down a message to call me on Monday, when the GM returns. It's been a week later-- no call. I have a 3-year service contract with this place and I'm dreading have to go back to this location. I so completely regret my decision and would highly encourage anyone reading this to go to another Nissan dealership. This place is far too busy for its own good; customer service has fallen by the wayside and Nissan should be embarrassed that this dealership carries their name.

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Worst Customer Service Ever

bySubpiloton 09/20/2017

I purchased a 2012 Porsche 911 Turbo from Nissan of Richmond online in early July. It is now nearly the end of September and they have still not completed the title transfer. I have attempted to contact the Sales Person, Finance Dept, Title Person repeatedly and have gotten nowhere. They never answer the phone, return calls, reply to Web Chat, or text messages. The very few text messages I have received have been nothing but excuses for why the paperwork is not done and never get an answer as to when they plan to do it. At this point I am pretty sure they are just messing with me or that their is some financial reason for them to hold on to title as long as possible. If you are talking to them about a purchase they are all over it. Once they have their money forget it. I have a very expensive car that I can't drive since it still isn't registered. Stay far away.

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