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My First Car Purchase

byKhianaCon 10/04/2017

I'll start with something positive...I successfully shopped for and purchased my first luxury car all on my own at the age of 23! Let's begin! I had been researching my dream car for several months (BMW 328xi Coupe) and on a whim decided I wanted to jump and purchase the car. I had been working with a few dealers and found a car (2013 BMW 328xi Coupe) at NOVA Auto/Imperial Highline via the Cargurus site. On my birthday, I went to test drive the car in the rain and all seemed fine but I still wanted to explore my options and figure out financing through my own credit union. While I was there, Fahim was closing a purchase with another client and I was practically ignored until I flagged down Bobby. I was a bit irritated, yet I understood that Fahim was working with someone already, but some acknowledgement would've been nice. I came back that same week and test drove the car again, and started talking numbers with Bobby. Although I wanted to go with my own financing, I allowed them to pull my credit, as well as his contact at another credit union, to show that I was serious. My credit came back okay and they gave me an offer. At this point, I went to my credit union to work out a deal with them, but I ended up going with Bobby's contact; because although my union gave me a better rate, it was going to be a headache trying to exchange paperwork back and forth and I had decided to trade in my current car at the last minute. So to avoid craziness,I agreed to move forward with their financing. Now, here is where the drama starts. Before returning to Bobby telling him I wanted to move forward, he went onto their dealership's site and Cargurus and increased the price of the vehicle by $500. When I came in, "he was not available", so Fahim did all of my paperwork etc. He lowered the price to the ORIGINAL price that I saw when we began the process. When I received my car, it was "detailed", yet it was all dusty and barely wiped down inside. Like seriously? I just dropped thousands of dollars on a new toy and you can't even clean it properly? He told me to drive it to the next building to be cleaned AGAIN. Now, after buying my car "as-is", which I'm aware is a thing in Virginia, I told Fahim that the car (BMWs tell you when/what servicing the car needs via the dashboard) and MY EYES are clearly showing me that the rear brakes/rotors are rusted. Fahim said that they could reset it blah blah. They tried to "reset" or whatever but still, it said the same thing. I brought it to Bobby's attention, he said oh well it should be fine, any issues bring it back and we'll give you a low rate for the work. I said OK. Now, I'm a Maryland resident, and although they cannot guarantee that my car will pass in MD, something like brakes is pretty universal. And, they "passed" it with a new VA sticker after it was sold to me. I went as far as contacting the VA state troopers to ensure that it was inspected correctly. Wouldn't you know that it BARELY passed the legal limit for wear on brakes/rotors (brakes were at 3/32, passing is 2/32) but the rust was definitely a violation? Instead of filing an investigation (and prolonging my car's registration in MD), I lit into Fahim and they agreed to fix the brakes free of charge. They serviced the brakes and I think all is well UNTIL my car fails again! Apparently, there were grooves in the left rear rotor. So, instead of fighting Bobby and Fahim again, I simply went to the BMW dealership and had them figure out what was wrong. Can you believe the idiots at NOVA/Imperial put my brake pad on backwards?! That caused the grooves in the rotor because the metal part of the pad was rubbing against the rotor. I bit the bullet and paid to get it corrected at the BMW dealership. I'm not a mechanic and I know that it's pretty hard to screw that up. One side is metal and the pad is on the other side, like for real? Also, they have damn near all foreign and luxury cars on their lot, so I'm not sure how the mechanic screwed that up. I don't know if they thought that because they were doing it for "free" that they should have done a careless job but I was livid. If they were going to do a trash job, I would've preferred to pay the money to have it done properly at the BMW dealership, like I had to do anyway! Not only could that have caused major damage to my new car if the inspector didn't catch it, but they put my life in jeopardy, which is far more important than a freaking car. Had my brakes locked up because of the metal on metal, my car would NOT have stopped and I could've injured myself and/or others. Long story short, do I love my car? YES. I am very happy with my purchase outside of all the drama and I look forward to loving it for many years. Would I ever buy a car from them again? ABSOLUTELY NOT. There is a certain level of attention to detail and respect that you expect whether you're spending $10 or $10,000. Clearly, that is not something they have mastered at this auto group yet.

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Do NOT Trust Nova

byajynyc2017on 08/20/2017

I am writing this review to give potential customers a full overview of this dishonest and unprofessional dealership... I have now retained a lawyer. We are suing Nova for damages and lawyer fees. They have refused to issue me a title (according to the law, they had 30 days), and when my lawyer called them on 8/18/2017 they were very rude to her and refused to comply. I purchased a van from them in June, so it has been 2 months now, and they have not given me the title. They claim it was sent to me via UPS, but it was never delivered to my home, and regardless, it is their responsibility to deliver documents to customers, and no one else's. As of next week i will be forced to rent a vehicle, and will be adding that expense to the list of expenses we are demanding in court. The next step is to get the attorney general involved since Nova has now admitted to breaking the law. If anyone is considering buying a car from them, i would not advise it. They are dishonest, unprofessional, and flagrantly break the law.

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