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1 out of 5 starsservice Rating

Run away as fast as you can from Dallas Jaguar!

by JH on 02/06/2021

have been in customer service for 32 years and I have never had this type of experience and I would not recommend coming to this facility because of the following incident that happened yesterday February 4, 2021 I do not expect management to call me because this should have never happened it just goes to show you what service is today - nonexistence. I called in to Dallas Jaguar on Thursday afternoon and employee by the name of Brandon answered the phone I explain to him what I wanted done to my jaguar and he suggested I come in so they could take a look I proceeded to drive to Dallas jaguar off of N. Central Expressway and Royal Lane only to discover when I pulled into the service bay the gentleman came to my car and stood there and stood there. I opened the door and he did not say welcome or any type of greeting. I asked for Brandon the gentleman, I spoke to on the phone. Brandon proceeds to walk out into the service bay and did not introduce him self, did not acknowledge me, in the sense, that he went straight to the car and started taking pictures of nicks and dents and whatever he was looking for without even addressing, why I was there, he said he would have a technician look at it and wait in the waiting room for 30 minutes, I will come get you. one hour past he never showed up, I walked to the front of the service department, asked where my car was and what was the status he proceeded to say it would take longer and I said I had to be somewhere so he bought the car out and said he would call me with the estimate, he never called, he never followed up! Never offered a business card or apologized much less thank me for coming in. today is Friday he never called, he never followed up! this is unacceptable for a service department !Brandon if you don’t like your job go get another one because you’re fired

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1 out of 5 starssales Rating

HORRIBLE experience w/ Land Rover Manager, Marcus

by horrified customer on 10/03/2020

I came into the Land Rover Dallas location the week of September 18th to pay off my lease. I was told verbally and by email that my pay off amount was approx $39,000. I came in to pay the car off only to find out that the true "payoff" amount that I was told and emailed did not include all of the land rover fees and taxes, and that I actually needed $42707.38 I had brought my 74 year old mother with me because I was going to buy the car to give to her. So we had to leave. My lease ended on September 26th. I returned on Friday September 25th with the certified for $42,707.38, only to be told that "someone" calculated the fees wrong and that I needed to pay another $36. So I asked to speak to Marcus (who I spoke with the previous week when I was told the wrong amount to bring to payoff the lease). He came to the desk and was very rude to me. He said that there was nothing he could do about it and that I had to pay the extra fee too or not get the car. I told him that I couldn't believe your company was nickel-ing and dime-ing me over $36.00 when it was a Land Rover employee's error. I then reminded him that I had already been told the wrong amount a few days prior. Marcus then raised his voice and said that he was going to cancel the entire transaction and that I could deal with Chase bank to pay off my lease (which was impossible because it was now Friday afternoon and my lease expired the next day which was Saturday). I told him I was not going to be inconvenienced again and that I would pay the amount but that I was going to report him for being so rude and raising his voice at me. He then stood up and yelled "I'll tell you what: I am going to walk the entire transaction back and you can deal with Chase bank!" He yelled at me in front of my elderly mother, 4 customers who were at the next desk, all of the customers that were in the dealership, and all of the sales people who were standing around. I went to one of them and they referred me to another manager (really nice guy, I think he said he was the used car manager. I can't remember his name). He sat me down, apologized for what Marcus did, and started to investigate the discrepancy. He later realized that the $36.00 was an error (again, made by Land Rover) and I did not have to pay it. While I was in his office explaining what happened, Marcus walked in and rudely interrupted me, trying to explain his side of what happened. I am an ER doctor and the Medical Director at my hospital. I have NEVER been treated that badly. Just because I was not dressed in hospital scrubs or looked like a doctor does NOT make it okay to treat me so unprofessionally. I was willing to pay the extra $36.00 even though I was inconvenienced by your staff twice within one week. What I won't do is allow a person who is supposed to be a Manager treat me badly in front of my mother and everyone else especially when the error was made by a Land Rover employee both times. Marcus' behavior was embarrassing, unprofessional, and completely unacceptable. I was already there for 1.5 hours and had to wait another 2 hours before the transaction was completed. I was there so long that I had enough time to leave a review on Yelp about my experience. Not once in the last 2 hours did Marcus come over to me to apologize. I will never buy another car from your location. I live in North Dallas and only came to the Dallas location because a friend of mine was a salesperson there 3 years ago. Marcus should not be allowed to treat your customers the way he did. You have definitely lost a customer.

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1 out of 5 starssales Rating


by Larry on 06/27/2020

Drove 2 hours to test drive bmw. Transmission was bad and ac didn't work. Sales rep told me everything was like new. Never go back again!!

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1 out of 5 starssales Rating


by Punisher on 10/11/2019

Worst customer service ever after Sales. Jeremy or (whatever his name is) used car sales manager hung up on me. Bought a car 08/20/2019. BMW 550i nice looking car. I know some people are asking why i didn’t look thoroughly before buying the car? Got home and oil change was 9000 miles overdue, Air filter needed change, Brake fluid flush needed to be done. So, I called my sales man Alexis and asked him what was done to the car when they got it in as a trade. He couldn’t tell me. He said there is an invoice for $800.00 but he couldn’t tell me what was done. I asked him to check and call me back because BMW dealership is telling me all these services are needed. He called me back saying he noticed there was a glass chip repaired and other air treatment (odor treatment ) of the car but nothing about those services required. Mind you, these services are showing on the car as required. So, I did all the maintenance services. Its my car now right ? License plate still not here, I checked with twixt system and it shows a plate was issued September 17, 2019 I called the dealership ( getting through to some one first of all is an issue, front desk is rude and never there, the ladies in the back that picks up the phone struggle to get anyone and ended up hanging up on me many times. So yesterday 10/11/2019 I called and asked for General manager, Director or who ever is over the dealership, of course voice mail, voice mail and I kept calling, finally I got the Used Car Sales Manager, explaining all that has happened, he told me what services was performed on the car, All of a sudden oil change was included. I told him this information would have been helpful back in August, now I already spent $189 , $65 on inside air filter and $1250 on rear brakes and sensors, this is before I have even made one payment on the car to Bank of America. He hung up one me. I drove down to the Tax office and gave them my Vin number and I got a plate. Pretty much a plate has been assigned to my car, the dealership has not mailed it or contacted me to come pick it up. I spent money again for a new plate and sticker. THIS DEALERSHIP SALES CARS WITHOUT SERVICING THEM FIRST, CUSTOMER SERVICE IS POOR [non-permissible content removed] THEY DO NOT SERVICE HIGH END EXPENSIVE CARS WHEN THEY GET IT IN AS A TRADE. BEWARE

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1 out of 5 starssales Rating

Don't bother dealing with this place

by StevW on 04/04/2019

Talked to Luke and the sales manager...trying to negotiate a lease on a new Ftype.... They came back with an insane lease number..which was actually way more than a brand new Aston Martin!!! No way I will ever deal with this place...

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