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Beware of this place

byFrustratedon 10/18/2018

I don't like writing bad reviews but this is a must. If I could give zero stars, I would. A year ago we were sold a lemon. They added it to my 17 year olds credit and mine. A new motor and several other parts were just within the first month. For the last 8 months we haven't been able to drive it due to more costly repairs (and my husband is a mechanic) but the parts are expensive and when one thing is fixed another breaks. 1&2 billing and management all know about these issues and continue to hound us for payments. We do make them late but we pay in full every month. Now they're trying to tack on insurance costs even though the car has had continuous coverage. They told me they would take care of the mistake in their system a couple of weeks ago, and now I receive a letter that they are charging me for adding insurance to the car. Additionally, they told me we would be able to pay on the 15th and last day of each month with no problem as those were my paydates. When we were signing, and it said bi-weekly payments, I asked the sales guy and he said not to worry, but to let them know when I made the first payment. They lied and have harassed me since for bi-weekly payments. For the last year I’ve had to pay for a car and insurance for a vehicle that doesn’t run, to avoid a repo on my sons and my credit. This place needs to be shut down. They sell crap cars that look nice, but only for them to quickly break down, repo, and resell. Who knows how much they make on down payments alone. This is an extra car for us and I feel terrible for those relying solely on their car from 1&2.

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Awesome deals

byBlue_85on 11/21/2017

Nick helped us. He listen to what we were looking for and found us a great looking SUV . He got us a great deal. And drove off with our new car!

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Lemon Lot

byKristen318on 08/08/2017

Not only did they lose my drivers license while in there to purchase an extremely overpriced car and now I get to sit at the DMV all day to replace it, they knowingly sold me something that needed front and rear brakes, had a broken motor mount and stabilizers as well as needs a new fuel pump! Also took a trade in to them and at the end of the day, they gave me almost a grand less than what was offered to me on the completely unprofessional, handwritten and signed paper I was given at the beginning of our "numbers battle". When we finally reached a number to "agree" on and paperwork was printed up THREE HOURS LATER, I specifically asked for the diagnostics report on the car and was told by my sales guy (Ronny the crook) that everything checked out on it and was fine. Unfortunately for me, I took his word for it because I was in a hurry to get out of there and didn't want to wait an additional 45 min just for him to print out a paper and walk across the room to get it. All of this and I walked in with CASH IN HAND to pay for this car. Of course, I'm a female so they took that as me being a complete idiot and I allowed them to take advantage of me because I'm over trusting. When I called to talk to them about the issues I've been having with the car (started having problems the DAY AFTER) I was told by Howard "thank you for calling today and we hope you get the repairs needed for your vehicle". DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! Sure, some of their prices might be good, but who's to say your vehicle will drive the next day.

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