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Customer satisfaction is not their first priority

by DeWalt on 05/21/2022

Dealership: Acura of Chattanooga Car was purchased on Saturday April 30th 2022. My complaint was made on Monday May 9th 2022. The delay in making the complaint was because my wife took it for a week out of town. When she returned I took it to work where I began to notice things. But here’s the whole event. We saw a car that we liked on line. I asked before we went if they had a return policy because taking it to a mechanic would be difficult since we live three hours from the dealership. Our salesman said they don’t have a return policy but We value our customers and their satisfaction is number 1 so if something did happen we would do what was right by you. I’ve kept this text exchange as proof. The car buying experience was nice. The salesman was nice. All the staff that I met seemed very nice. However after getting the vehicle home and having more time to look the car over once my wife returned with it, I realized that 90 percent of the vehicle had been repainted. It’s a 2011 Toyota Highlander and I haven’t noticed Paint issues with that year. When I open the hood the plastic that covers over the front radiator area pulls right up because the plastic clips that are supposed to hold it in place are not the right ones. There are a few more things that are not correct as well. These types of red flags say the car was probably in a car accident. We bought the vehicle under the impression it had never been in an accident. That’s what Carfax shows. So I texted my salesman and told him of my fear. Then I said if this was not reported, they probably didn’t take it to a reputable body shop. So I’m not sure if they did things the right way or if I’ll have issues because of it down the road. Then I told him I’m thinking of taking it to a body shop around here and asking them if it’s been in an accident, and if it has I’m thinking of returning it. That’s when he told me well you bought the vehicle as is and we do not have a return policy. Guess he forgot about his earlier promise. At this point I just tell him that I’m really glad I didn’t leave a review yet. I get a text back from my salesman that says can my manager call you? I said yes. A couple minutes later the manager calls me and proceeds to tell me that the Carfax shows that there’s never been an accident, it’s never been totaled or rebuilt, that’s the only guarantee. Then he tells me, please keep us informed of what the body shop says. Then I asked him one more time, does it matter what the Body Shop tells me? Will I be able to return the vehicle? The manager said no we won’t take it back. So then I asked him why did you call me? Your salesman already said the exact same thing to me. He didn’t really have an answer. I understand I bought a used car. But I tend to buy from dealerships because I feel more comfortable thinking they really looked over a vehicle and they wouldn’t sell one off their lot unless it was in really good condition. That’s why I believed them when they said if there was a problem they would make it right by me. I have that in my text message from them. If there is no time frame for returning a car to them why would the salesman say they would make it right? Until I get a satisfactory response from them I will continue to leave reviews everywhere I can and tell everyone what occurred so nobody else goes through this. The sad part is I really felt I could trust them. But I’ll never go back to them again nor recommend them to anyone. Turns out customer satisfaction isn’t as important as they lead me to believe.

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